4 Reasons to Choose LINE-X of Central Ohio

4 Reasons to Choose LINE-X of Central Ohio

At LINE-X of Central Ohio, we are your one-stop shop for everything related to your Jeep, pickup, and other work vehicles. You may know us for our spray-on protective coatings and bedliners, but we are more than that — we are pioneers. While others focused on spray-on bedliners, we turned our attention to complete vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about what makes LINE-X of Central Ohio unique.


Versatile Spray Options

Due to their spray-on nature, LINE-X Bedliners and coatings are tailor-made for your type of vehicle. Additionally, we will help you determine which product is most suitable for your application by going through a variety of colors to meet your needs with color-coded LINE-X XTRA options. These spray-on bedcoats add a layer of LINE-X protection as well as a new color barrier, making them as attractive as they are durable.


Protect From Damage

Our spray-on bedliner has evolved into more than just a bedliner — it now features unparalleled bumper-to-bumper protective coating. If you are concerned about components on the exterior of your vehicle, LINE-X Bedliners have you covered. If you are concerned about the interior of your vehicle, LINE-X Bedliner again has you covered. If you plan on taking your truck through rough terrain, then make sure you are protected with LINE-X.


Rely on Lasting Results

LINE-X Bedliner is proven to supply drivers with effective protection in any environment. We take this to the next level with LINE-X PLATINUM. Made from top-of-the-line pure polyurea technology, you won’t find a tougher bedliner than LINE-X PLATINUM. With otherworldly impact resistance and defense, you will get long-lasting luster and performance for your truck with LINE-X PLATINUM.


Benefits From Lasting Coverage

We aren’t just industry leaders because of the durable protection our bedliners provide, but also because of the various other areas the product enhances. With lasting coverage from permanently bonded LINE-X Bedliners, your car will also experience sound cancellation, chemical defense, and a limited lifetime warranty.

At LINE-X of Central Ohio, we are dedicated to ensuring our position as the manufacturer of the bedliners Columbus loves. To learn more about how we stand above the competition, contact us today.