Buyer's Guide: Undercoating and Rustproofing

Ensuring your vehicle’s exterior is in the best condition is a must. Temperature changes, gravel, ice melt, sand, water, ice, tar, oil, and many other things can damage the exterior of your vehicle. The professionals at Line-X can provide a way to protect your vehicle from damage without the high cost. Our undercoating and rustproofing services can be essential to maintaining the body of your vehicle.


Preventing Rust

Environmental factors may damage your vehicle's sheet metal. You should protect against elements from the inside and out that may cause corrosion. Rustproofing penetrates shrinkages and voids to create a transparent, watertight, salt and magnesium chloride resistant screen for complete protection. Rustproofing will not block or plug drain holes in your vehicle. Also, and most essentially, it prevents rust inside and outside of your vehicle. It is effective against salt, water, and many other damaging elements. Anyone who cares about the health of their vehicle and desires to keep it in excellent condition for an extended period should consider rustproofing their vehicle with Line-X of Central Ohio. Rustproofing is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your truck from damage, it is safe, affordable, and we highly recommend it for your vehicle. Request a quote today.


Why You Should Get Undercoating for Your Vehicle

Improve the look of the underbody and seal dangerous corrosive substances. Undercoating seals the undersides of your vehicles against salt, dirt, stone, and gravel. The self-healing asphalt mixture works as a sound damager and helps to isolate your car from heat and cold. Not only this, but it gives a beautiful look to your wheel wells. The material used does not entirely harden, making it last longer and withstand any roading conditions. It also is highly durable. It can sustain extremely high temperatures as well as freezing temperatures and will still be in perfect condition. It can be removed with ease and will not cause any damage to your vehicle's exterior. We recommend this product as it will only enhance your vehicle's performance and longevity. Get a quote from Line-X of Central Ohio today.


Our Excellent Coatings

Thanks to research and product testing, Line-X discovered chemical combinations that result in specialist characteristics and applications in severe circumstances in the real world and laboratories. To preserve bridges, farming equipment, building equipment, boats, trailers, and much more Line-X protective coatings have been utilized. Our coatings are specialist, high-performance elastomeric spray coatings for optimum durability and unlimited applications. Because Line-X protective coatings establish permanent molecular connections, they adhere very well to a broad range of surface areas. It is essential to get the highest quality coatings for your vehicle. Here at Line-X of Central Ohio, we provide top-of-the-line coating, including undercoating and rustproofing. Contact us today if you have any questions about our excellent coatings.


Why It is So Important

Rustproofing penetrates slopes and cavities to create a transparent, waterproof, magnesium chloride, and salt resistant screen to provide complete protection. Undercoating protects the car’s undersides’ from salt, dirt, stone, and gravel against roads. The self-healing asphalt mixture works as a sound damager and helps to isolate your vehicle from heat and cold. It is an obvious choice that you should invest in our high-quality coatings. It is very affordable and will likely save you money in the long run. Also, it is likely to help the longevity of your vehicle, so it remains in excellent condition. It is crucial that you take care of your vehicle, and we at Line-X would love to help. Contact us today and learn more about our affordable and long-lasting coatings.