You Need Line-X If These Are Your Hobbies

You Need Line-X If These Are Your Hobbies

From lining truck beds to undercoating, Line-X is one of the most versatile truck protective coatings on the market. At Line-X of Central Ohio, we provide you and your truck with the protection you need to safely and comfortably pursue your hobbies. If you are someone looking to get the most from your truck and put your vehicle through the wringer, here’s how Line-X can help you protect your truck. To coat your truck, reach out to us today!

off-roading truck


From mudding to rock crawling and everything in between, Line-X is a necessary component for your truck. If you are looking to protect your underbody from debris and keep your truck bed looking great, Line-X can get the job done.

hunters sitting in truck bed


Whether it’s whitetails in the fall or waterfowl in the winter, our spray-on bedliner can protect your truck bed from scrapes caused by antlers, firearms, and decoys. If you are looking to protect your truck during the hunting season, check out Line-X of Central Ohio today!

four-wheeling truck


Whether it’s a weekend in the woods or an afternoon outing with the family, to keep your truck bed protected from ATVs and other toys, you can trust Line-X truck liners to get the job done. Reach out to us today to learn more!

man in hard hat loading truck bed with boxes

DIY Projects

From remodeling your kitchen to redoing the master bathroom, if you are someone who loves taking on DIY projects, Line-X can protect your bed from damage due to wood and tool transportation. For a spray-on truck bed liner you can trust, Line-X of Central Ohio can keep your truck bed safe.

If you spend weekends putting your truck through physical test after physical test or simply looking to keep your truck bed in great condition, Line-X is your first choice. If you are looking for a brutally tough spray-on truck bed liner, get yours applied with Line-X of Central Ohio today!

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