Deciphering the Different Types of Bed Covers

Choosing the right bed cover for your truck can be a daunting task due to the many options available. An expert truck accessory dealership can furnish you with first-hand information to help you decipher the different types of bed covers. Here is a quick review of various bed covers that are available in the market today.

Roll-up Covers

These truck bed covers are tailored to specifically protect the truck bed from various harsh outdoor weather conditions and elements. These covers are well known for giving usersthe ability to haul taller items as well as keeping cargo out of sight. Unlike other covers, this one comes with a frame that clamps on the truck bed without necessarily being drilled. If the vehicle has a locking tailgate, the rear rail locks into the side framework to provide additional security. 

Retractable Covers

These are unique covers that retract into a canister that is usually located at the front section of the truck bed. There are made from a wide array of materials so finding one that suits your needs should not be a hassle. It can have a vinyl, polycarbonate or aluminum surface that reinforces the structure. One of the benefits of using this kind of cover is that you will not be required to remove it when accessing the truck bed. Also, they come with a locking system to keep your goods safe during transit. In fact, some of them can still be secured when partially open. 

Soft Tonneau Covers

Most of these covers have a frame with several support bows whose main role is to clamp on the truck without requiring any drilling. You can easily attach the soft vinyl cover to the framework using the alternate or snap method. Just like other truck bed covers, it will keep your cargo out of sight and is relatively affordable as compare to roll-up and retractable covers. 

Hard and Soft Folding Covers

These bed covers have become very popular in the recent years due to the fact that they are very easy to use. Both covers offer unlimited access to the truck bed. The only difference is that the hard cover enhances security especially if the truck has a locking tailgate.

Bottom line, you should pick bed cover that works for you. Line-X of Central Ohio, located in Columbus, would be happy to assist you in sorting through your options and helping you choose a bed cover that meets your needs.


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