How Else Can Spray-On Liners Be Used?

Spray-on liners are water tight and rugged, and while they are fantastic for your truck, the idea is too useful to only be applied to pick-up trucks. In fact, the versatility of a spray-on liner extends to a lot of other industries and purposes.

Think about just in your home, job, and the places you go every day. Can you think of anything you have that maybe has a liner you never noticed or a piece of equipment that could use a liner?

The Ways Liners Are Used

Many professionals in all fields have used spray-on liners for a myriad of things. Here are just a few:

  • Marine Use. Spray-on liners have two things that make them great for use in water: a water tight seal and a non-slip surface. By lining decks, boat ramps, and even cargo holds, you can make the whole experience safer for you and your boat.
  • Containers. Anytime you have an industrial container, you need it to be air tight—you don’t want water getting into whatever you’re trying to keep safe! Agriculture and industrial professionals especially take advantage of this for silos, feed containers, and storage tanks.
  • Assorted. It’s more than just industry, though—there are a lot of ways to use liners. It might surprise you to learn that spray-on liners have been used in walk-in freezers to prevent slipping and even on work benches to provide durability!

Your truck benefits from spray-on liners, but so do other pieces of equipment all around you! Take a look next time you’re out and about—how many liners do you notice when you look closely?


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