Hybrid Trucks

Hybrid trucks also known as hybrid electric vehicles are manufactured to combine both diesel combustion and electric propulsion engines. Launched in 2003, this advanced technology was initially used to equip light military trucks, which later evolved to include commercial vehicles. Fitted with internal diesel or petrol combustion engines and rechargeable electricity storage systems, the trucks are produced for mining machines, off-road trucks, outer-space crawler transporters, commercial trucks, waste collection trucks, tractors, buses, and power trains. 

Approved for production by research organizations, these advanced Hybrid Trucks can bear gross weights of 6400 to 15000 kilograms. Semi-trailer trucks have the capability of transporting fully-loaded 12 meter containers, and travel at maximum speeds of 10 miles per hour at a range of 30 to 60 miles, using 2 kilowatts per hour per mile, in comparison to the 5 mile coverage per gallon for fuel only trucks. 

Some Hybrid Trucks are developed with plug-in accessories that allow for recharging with a normal electric wall socket. The plug-in’s share similar characteristics with electric motor and internal combustion engine vehicles and the conventional varieties, the difference being the plug-in system which connects to the electric grid. 

The cost of operating a Hybrid Truck that entirely utilizes electricity is estimated to be less than a quarter of the overall cost of pure-use gasoline trucks. Whereas the hybrid versions reduce the global warming effects in comparison to conventional vehicles, the plug-ins offer range comfort ability since the combustion engine works as a back-up system whenever battery power is depleted.  

A host of benefits associated with Hybrid Trucks are: low greenhouse effects, fewer fill-up trips to filling stations, the ease of home recharging using normal electric sockets, and vehicle to grid applications. Several countries have passed laws in support of the manufacture and use of hybrid vehicles, in terms of financially supporting the research procedures for the creation of advanced batteries, and other enhancing technologies.


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