Light Up Your Vehicle in Style

For those who want to spice up their truck or car, there are many things you can do. This can include truck bed liners, decals, artistic body paint, designer light lenses, sporty rims, and tons of other style upgrades. If you want to illuminate your vehicle on the outside and the inside, there are many options in color, type, and features.

Vehicle illumination is available for:

  • Interior doorsgs-3f946cdf41d5268689
  • Interior dash area
  • Underneath the dash
  • Underneath the seats
  • The ceiling
  • Under the body
  • On the bumper
  • Around the license plate holder
  • On the wheels
  • In the truck bed
  • Exterior rear for braking
  • And many other areas

When it comes to illuminating your vehicle, there are color options that include blue, red, orange, yellow, clear, etc. You can mix or match to your desire and decide how many lights you want. You can also choose features like solid lit illumination, blinking lights, and even chasing lights. In addition, you can have multi-colored lighting units that either light at once or simply transition the colors. On some of those lights, you can manually choose which color or in some cases, different colors are for different instances like red for braking and clear for constant lighting—all in one strip. Every type of interior/exterior illumination product has different purposes and is designed for specific applications. Most will work in general, but each one was manufactured to handle certain conditions and to mount certain ways.

Lighting Specifications, Types, and Options

As for the types of lighting available, some are designed for interior use while others are made for the exterior. You can really be creative here and build your own sporty styled vehicle in a way that you will enjoy.

Types of vehicle illumination include:

  • Hard, flat strips of lighting
  • Flexible strips of lighting
  • Curved strips of lighting
  • Cut-to-length lighting
  • Replacement bulb lighting in various colors
  • Etc.

The specifically designed options include:

  • Headlights and rear light replacements
  • Brake light replacements
  • Braking illumination strips
  • License plate lighting
  • Wheel illumination
  • Etc.

No matter what you decide to light your vehicle up with, it will surely look awesome. If you used the right products for the right uses, it will last much longer and you will enjoy it for a greater period of time. Most lighting is now made with light emitting diode (L.E.D.) illumination, in which most have excellent life spans depending on the quality of circuitry. Now it is time to go shopping and get ready for your cool ride to begin!



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