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When you’re working with thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, you would naturally want to make it last for as long as you possibly could. Heavy equipment and machinery are kept in tip top shape by regular maintenance, service and repair. Care is also given to make sure that these machines (although industrial in scale) are not used beyond their capacity. In addition to these, they are also protected from the elements the best way possible. This is where Line X Commercial Industrial comes in.

What They Offer

Industrial coatings have plenty of applications in industries and even medium or small businesses. If you’re in the chemical, mining, transport, defense or severe service line of business, you’ll find that protective coatings will work to your advantage. LINE-X protective coatings are made with polyuria and polyurethane coatings that can cover and protect almost any kind of known service.

If for example, you are moving company with a large fleet operating in a massive scale, your truck beds would need protection from every day wear and tear. Not only that, the specialized linings provided by Line X Commercial Industrial protects the surfaces from corrosion, chemical spills, abrasion and other possible kinds of surface damage. It even prevents water from seeping into the machines or vehicles, thus preventing water damage. The versatility of Line X’s coatings make them an invaluable tool for any business owner who wants to protect or prolong the life of resources.

What You Can Expect

As a trusted name in the industry, hundreds of businesses and companies rely on Line- X for industrial coating jobs. The high quality materials create a barrier so strong it is almost impervious to extreme weather or temperature changes. You can be assured that your machines, equipment and other vehicles are protected from high humidity, salt water and chemical damage as well as abrasions and impact damage. The coatings are easy to apply and use. Just spray on and allow to dry for a few minutes.

  • Blast Force Mitigation - Line- X truly is applicable in large scale or industrial settings. Even the US military and defense industries have acknowledged the benefits of Line-X coatings as a blast mitigation product.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Protection- Fires, chemical spills, and oil industry accidents can be minimized with the help of Line- X coatings. It provides an extra layer of safety and environmental protection in the areas where flammable and combustible petroleum products are kept or sold.
  • Enhanced Employee Safety and Protection - Accidents in the workplace can also be prevented if safe, non-slip surfaces are provided in delicate work environments, Floors, stair wells, ramps, catwalks and bridges can be sprayed with Line- X coatings for added protection.

Trust Only LINE- X

LINE-X® Protective Coatings has 556 branches in 26 countries to date. Since it started in 1999, it has risen to become the industry leader and benchmark when it comes to spray on protective, elastomeric coatings. Over the years, it has produced the highest quality and most reliable products in the market. As proof, the biggest names in commercial, mining, petroleum, transport industries (and even the military) relies on LINE- X technology for their everyday needs.



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