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Line-X is an industry leading company that specializes in spray on bed liners for trucks and industrial coating for industrial vehicles. Located in the Columbus area of Central Ohio, Line-X has two stores -- one on North Huntley Road and the other on West Business Park. Not only does this company provide top of the line bed liners, they also sell bed liner covers and offer sealant for paint and fabric. With their own research facility where they create, test, and refine their product, Line-X is committed to producing high quality spray on liners that are not only durable but also safe.

Their carefully crafted formula dries in 5 seconds once it's applied, and is ready for rugged use within 24 hours. It creates a permanent seal and is watertight, yet also free of contaminants and pollutants. With superior durability, these bed lines will resist corrosion and rust. Not only will Line-X Protective Coating protect your truck bed, it will give it a more polished look while allowing you to keep all of your valuable bed space. Line-X bed liners come in premium, xtra, and platinum grades, with each increasing in durability and quality. Line-X is great for residential, industrial, and even commercial industrial applications. To see some great examples of liners, check out our gallery.

After you get your spray on liner, what better way to further protect your haul than to get a bed cover? Line-X offers three different types of covers: Solid Fold by Extang Engineered, Retrax, and Rugged Liner. Solid Fold is a hard lid, folding tonneau cover that requires no tools to install and utilizes clamps to attach securely to your truck. Since it's constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, it's lightweight yet strong. Retrax is a rigid, retractable bed cover that clamps on in one piece and can be opened and closed with one hand. Made of polycarbonate construction, it's strong enough to stand on. Rugged Liner is a premium vinyl folding tonneau cover that requires no tools to install and features a tailgate lock for added security.

Other services provided by Line-X include Valugard, which is available for paint and fabric as well as undercoating. As a paint sealer, it protects against sun and oxidation, adding a high gloss shine. It also works like a water resistant coat, encouraging water to bead off. For fabric protection, Valugard prolongs the lifespan of your fabric by encasing the fabric in a resin-based formula and preventing stains. As a vinyl and leather protector, it helps maintain softness and conditions the matieral. It prevents permanent stains and lasts for years. Valugard as an undercoat acts as protective barrier between the grime of the road and the undercarriage of your vehicle. It prevents corrosion and also lets the driver enjoy a quieter ride. It can also be applied to wheel wells to keep them looking shiny and new.

Overall, Line-X Protective Coating of Columbus literally has you covered when it comes to protective coatings for your truck bed, undercarriage, interior, and even industrial items and vehicles. To read more, or to get directions to their stores, check out our company website.


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