Line X Truck Bed Liner

Line X is a high quality spray-on truck liner suitable for all needs, whether for your van, truck, or other heavy-duty vehicle. Line X has become a trusted industry standard, making the spray formula in its own research lab. Line X is excellent for increasing your vehicle's durability and making it look more polished. They have received contracts from the US military, the MSHA (mining authority), and various industrial and commercial companies.

Line X has several different departments, each specializing in different fields. It has a commercial industrial department, that specializes in in polyuria and polyurethane based spray coatings designed to toughen the barrier between your equipment and the elements that tries to corrode the metal equipment. It is highly resistant to abrasion and impact, and is used in the chemical, transport, mining, petroleum, defense, and construction industries.

Line X is perfect for agricultural industries, given the amount of damage machinery can undergo from both weather and abrasion- the polyuria/polyurethane spray mixture bonds to the material at a molecular level, ensuring resistance against even the harshest of work environments. Information on the commercial industrial side of Line X can be found here.

It is also applicable for light industries that can be sprayed on aluminum, fiberglass, Styrofoam, or wood. Its damage and corrosion resistance makes it perfect for motor homes, motorcycles, boats, or work tables, or for lining the interior of trucks and vans for transportation. As Line X is impregnated with DuPont Kevlar, it is also UV resistant so your equipment does not fade from prolonged exposure to the sun. This is excellent for any equipment that needs to be left outside or under harsh lighting for prolonged periods of time, making it excellent also in the entertainment industry, as a coating on speaker systems, light fixtures, stairwells, or for coating pipes.

Line X is also useful for residential purposes; as your home is a massive investment you will want to keep it in as good a condition as possible. You can use Line X spray to protect your roof, gates, decking and fountains, in your basement, bathroom, garage, or sheds. It is ideal for use on ladders, fences, or railings as its impact resistance allows it to be handles, walked on, or banged in to with minimal damage. It's high durability against damage and its corrosion resistance makes it perfect for swing sets or patio furniture, or anything else that is to be left outside, or heavily used. This is especially useful for those with large families or pets. For more information on using Line X for residential purposes, see this page.

When choosing what spray to use, whether for your business or home, you will want something high quality and very durable. Line X is the perfect solution for stopping corrosion on your vehicles, equipment, or outdoor furniture, as well as keeping your garage, basement, or shed in great condition. Line X liner spray is an industry leader in liner sprays, and has become one of the most trusted liner spray companies in the world.


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