Reasons Why You Need To Invest in a Hybrid Bucket Truck

Just as the name suggests, hybrid bucket truck clearly is a mix of two very powerful units in a single vehicle. An internal combustion engine lies beneath the front hood just like any other truck whereas a supplementary electric motor is positioned beneath the mid framework unit, and is linked to a hydraulic pump.

The combustion engine runs the truck while on the road same as a typical truck, but as far as aerial tasks are concerned; the electric motor handles the key role. 

Motorized by a dozen battery packs of high capacity, an electric motor is able to provide uncontaminated and effective power to hydraulic system for several hours. In circumstances where the span of the aerial task is beyond the capacity of the battery, the combustion engine automatically takes over the job of the hydraulic pump whilst charging the batteries.

Even though hybrid bucket trucks perform just like the normal trucks, the usage of an electronic motor as the key driver for the truck’s hydraulic pump leads to advantages that are not possible with a typical truck design.

These trucks are fuel efficient. One among the major concerns associated with any normal bucket truck is the fuel usage. With a normal design of the truck, a supplementary internal combustion engine or the main engine needs to continue running throughout the operation. This means that the truck is using fuel the whole time it’s deployed. However, with the hybrid version, the electric motor simply uses the electricity stored in the battery. Once the battery has been emptied, it can automatically be charged as the truck’s combustion engine takes on its role. 

They operate quietly. Unlike the interior combustion engines, electric motor can operate quietly without producing any background noise. As a result, it doesn’t disturb the neighboring houses or hinder spoken conversation between the ground crew and the aerial worker.

They require minimal maintenance. Electric motors have lesser moving parts as compared to internal combustion engines. As a result, it does not need frequent maintenance unlike the secondary internal combustion engines.

They are environmentally friendly. Electric motor does not emit any dangerous exhaust gases in the air. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health dangers to the workers.

Almost any aerial job needs a bucket truck. However, because of the increasing fuel costs, many people are hesitant to capitalize such a truck. If you need to buy a bucket truck, a hybrid kind is the best option. It is very cost-effective and will get your job done the same way a standard version would have done it.


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