The Best Protection for Your Truck Bed

You've just bought a brand new shiny truck, and you gaze at it in pride as it sits there gleaming with fresh paint and shiny chrome. It's a serious investment and you've worked hard for every nut and bolt. It's sad that in very little time your investment is going to get dings and scratches and…(gasp) maybe even RUST!

Trucks are useful and they are meant to be used, to move furniture, haul various items with, store tools, or to work with, but all too often your trucks' value will be compromised by the damage it will receive just doing what it was meant to do. A truck’s bed is particularly vulnerable, open to the elements, accepting whatever we put in it whether that is metal rods, a cord of wood, stone for a driveway base or that metal-legged table of your aunts. It receives the most abuse and although it looks tough and strong there really is only a very thin coating of paint and clear-coat between the raw metal and whatever you need to put in it.

You could buy a plastic liner that bolts to your truck box, but moisture, pebbles and dirt can easily get between the liner and the bed causing scratches and allowing rust to spread by trapping moisture. They are tough and not terribly unattractive, but there is a much better solution. Why not get an impenetrable spray-on coating to protect your truck bed? Durable, attractive and permanent, Line-X protective coatings are the frontrunner in spray-on coatings with many applications. So good, even the military uses them. A Line-X protective coating is that solution and Line-X of Central Ohio specializes in truck bed application of Line-X products. 

Line-X of Central Ohio stands behind this amazing line of products that resists dings, scratches, small dents, moisture, salt, UV radiation and even extremes in temperature and has expert installers to help you protect your automobile investment. It’s darn good looking as well! 

Line-X protective coatings bond permanently at the molecular level to most materials including metal, fiberglass, Styrofoam, and even wood. It has superior adhesion, a permanent seal, and repels solvents, acids, even fire damage. Line-X is also corrosion resistant, anti-skid and anti-slip. What more could you want in truck bed protection? Line-X is abrasion and impact resistant and laboratory tests confirm that it is effective under the most severe conditions. Line-XTM Xtra has DuPont TM Kevlar® and provides a gloss finish that will last and last.

Line-X of Central Ohio is the premier supplier and installer of Line-X products. Don't let your truck get all scratched, dented and damaged when you can easily protect your truck bed with a Line-X protective coating. And no worries! Your truck can be ready to use in 24 hours because it has an impressive 5-second drying time. Our highly trained Line-X applications specialists are waiting for you to bring that new truck in and take care of it like it takes care of you. Say goodbye to body shops and replacement truck boxes and hello to Line-X!


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