The Different Options for Truck Bed Liners

truck dumpsideProtecting the metal bed of a truck is something that any owner should do, and the best option for this is using a liner. There are a few styles available, with each having benefits that can make it a suitable choice. Owners in the process of exploring truck bed liners for their vehicle have the choice of the following common options:

Drop In Liners

As the name suggests, this style is designed to simply drop in place in the back of a truck and cover the floor and sides of the bed. They are manufactured from either durable rubber or plastic, and it is possible to have one custom made for your vehicle or use a universal style that fits a variety of truck makes and models. They can simply sit in place, although some use screws or adhesives to hold them more securely in place.

Carpet Bed Liners

This style is similar to a drop in liner although it is manufactured from durable foam that is topped off with a plush carpeted material. This can provide a more attractive finish, with the added advantage that the material is resistant to water and stains. This can help keep the liner in good condition for longer. Carpet bed liners usually work best in conjunction with a bed cover.

Bed Mats

A more basic option is a plastic mat that can be laid out to protect the floor of the truck bed only. They are easy to install and remove as required, and are one of the most affordable options available.

Painted Liners

This is a liquid plastic liner that is painted on to the floor and sides of a truck bed using a brush or roller. It adheres to the metal to provide a textured finish that leaves no gap for water to get under, so as to provide excellent protection.

Spray On Liners

These are similar to painted liners, with the exception that it is spray applied to a truck bed. And just like painted liners, spray-on liners protect the truck bed with no gaps for water to get under.

Both painted and sprayed liners are permanent applications that cannot easily be removed like other styles, so make sure it is definitely what you want before using one of them.A little research when exploring truck bed liners will go a long way to finding the right choice for your vehicle. Take the time to look around the different options to make sure you choose the best one that will protect the bed of your truck and provide a solid surface that best suits your needs. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area you can discuss your options with the professionals at Line-X of Central Ohio.


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