The Science Behind Spray-On Liners

There are a lot of components, experts, thoughts, and testing that go into discovering and creating both the perfect spray-on liner and the application method, but there are a few ways to try it.

Many companies use spray-on solvents. The problem with this formula is that it’s weaker, takes longer to dry, and releases harmful pollutants. Anything you can do to prevent that is going to be better!

Line-X’s Formula

Constantly on the hunt for the best formula from the Research & Development team, Line-X created a product that is never a solvent. This might not sound important, but it’s extremely important for avoiding contaminants.

Instead, Line-X is made with solids that are heated right within the equipment. Because of that, it’s better than anything you can do at home—unfortunately, while DIY products are popular, they tend to have to be reapplied after a short time rather than lasting the life of a truck.

This way, both starting with solids, heating, and then mixing and spraying under high pressure right in the tip of the tool, the spray-on liner is dependable and doesn’t release air pollutants.

Both Prep and Formula

It helps that any liner—spray-on or not—will make your truck look much better, but it’s important to test for durability, too. You can find this out by learning what they’re made of and the testing that’s been done.

Mastering how to prepare your truck bed for the spray and how to absolutely get the perfect adhesion and a long lasting finish will mean more reliability overall. Ultimately, whatever liner you want should last close to—if not the entire—life of your truck, and come with a warranty.


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