Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Shape

3081-101413-gs3081Keeping your car in good condition is a top priority for most drivers, as it enhances longevity and reduces constant trips to the mechanic for repairs, which can be quite expensive. One way to do this is with a bed liner from Line-X in Ohio. Another way that this can be achieved is through applying a special waxing formula. It forms a nice protective sheath over the automobile, reducing abrasion from external objects. Motorists should be keen when choosing the best wax brand to use on their vehicles, so below are some of the most popular varieties.

Natural Wax

As the name suggests, this product consists of organic ingredients such as Carnauba which can last for more than 2 months without retouching. It can be used on both new and old vehicles, each time producing a high-glossy finish that you will really appreciate.

Synthetic Wax

Most of them are made from polyethylene/plastic material and are less costly compared to the rest. They are also easy to apply.


They are not very durable but are simple to spread on top of the car, on average it only takes 15-20 minutes to apply the spay on a mid-sized vehicle.

Liquid Wax

These adhesives require a lot of patience and keenness when applying so as to maintain uniformity.

When is it Right to Apply the Coating?

Drivers should know when it's time to put the protective sheath on to make it most effective. Most coatings only last for only 3 weeks, after which they fade and slowly become dull. The good ones last for 45 days or more depending on quality and diligence of application. However, if you usually park your vehicle outside in the open-air where it’s prone to changing weather conditions, a waxing job may be required even sooner.

Water Bead Test is another technique that can be used for the same purposes: if while washing the water runs over the car surface and forms little beads which don’t go away then it means your wax is still viable. Otherwise, the liquid would just spill over the entire bodywork and run off in streams.


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Love my bed liner top of the line a friend of mine had one put in his truck and his boss had another brand put in his truck and the other brands coming off already so you get what you pay for yes it was a little pricey but I love the quality and durability so far