Top 5 Trucks in the World and Why

For many years the world has experienced a revolution in truck models around world. Germany and the US continue to emerge as world’s greatest truck manufacturers to date .They have unveiled different types of truck brands now and then, however it has not been a smooth ride for this two nations .They face stiff competition from the Japanese and Chinese who also are experts in this game of trucks. The question that many truck users continue to ask is; which are the top trucks in the world today?

The Honda ridge line is ranked as the first in the world. This is due to its durability and reliability. The ridge line is well built and holds up well for sporting activities. It has a powerful engine and uses less fuel of about one liter per kilometer .It has a four wheel drive and capacity to carry a size-able amount of load for camping lovers. It comes with a two air bags one for the driver and the passenger sit next to the driver.

The Tundra comes in second. It is a product of Toyota and has great power. It also has a large storage room and compartments for which are also easy to operate. Its four wheel drive system enables the truck to withstand some of the toughest terrains in the world. It also comes with a sizeable cabin space.

Ford F-150 a product of ford comes in third. It came into the world market and was later re-engineered with a new engine years later. It has highest speed being 180 kilometers per hour and comes with a range of dependable engines.

Isuzu D-max product of Isuzu comes in fourth. Designed to carry quite a load it has good storage cabinets. It has found market in third world markets where majority of people can afford to buy and maintain it. It can do well in all-weather roads and has a good cabin and low fuel consumption.

Toyota Nissan closes the list of the top five trucks in the world .It comes with a powerful engine and has a four wheel drive system .It comes also at an affordable prize and its maintenance cost. It has a large cabin and maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour.


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