Ways to Renew the Look of Vinyl Trim

Is your plastic or vinyl looking a little faded and dull? It may be due to photo-degradation. Photo-degradation is the process of sunlight fading or weakening a material. It can wear down plastic and vinyl materials, including the trim of your vehicle. Parking your car unprotected causes severe sun damage to your trim over time. Sunlight beats down on your car, and the UV rays from the sunlight degrade the polymers of your trim while it is exposed. Here are a few reasons sunlight is so damaging to your vehicle:

  • UVA and UVB radiation's high energy light interacts with the polymer and breaks it down.
  • The bonds between the carbon atoms in the polymers contain similar dissociaton energy as found in the UV rays. So when the protons hit them, the bonds in the polymer break, causing degradation that affects the polymer that is the trim of your car first.
  • Polymers degrade from general deterioration and weather as well.
  • Simply being exposed to oxygen causes your trim to degrade.

Here are some ways to renew the look of vinyl trim and restore the look of your car:

  • Apply A Dressing

    Apply with your choice of a microfiber towel or a foam pad. Use a product has good reviews and is designed for to be used to renew vehicle trim. Any highly concentrated silicone gel designed to dress your trim will work. Wipe it on, let a few minutes pass, and then wipe away the residue carefully.
  • Apply A Dye

    Putting a dye onto the trim pieces is simple. The product you want will come with a black dye as well as a cleansing solution. It will end up restoring your trim with a great finish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions listed on the container exactly. Finish with a protectant to ensure the dye will stay.
  • Apply Lithium Spray

    Lithium spray coats vinyl and plastic with a shiny finish as well as a protective surface that will restore damage and prevent further degradation in the future

No matter what method you decide to use for restoring your trim, Line-X of Central Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to help you restore your vehicle.


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