What Existing Damage Can Be Covered By a Protective Coating?

painter-spray-paint-gun-front OVALProtective coating is an advanced and effective method used to provide protection to all kinds of metals and aluminum objects. A decorative finish can be applied to all kinds of objects that can be used by consumers and industries alike. Line-X in Ohio are experts in this field, and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

The powder used in the process is a combination of fine particles of resin and pigment. These particles are electrostatically sprayed on the surface of the object that requires coating. The electrically charged particles adhere to the grounded surface until the powder is heated in the powder coating oven.

The use of a powder coating system is not just limited to metal doors, aluminum frames, roofing or wrought iron fences. It is widely used by homeowners as a refinishing method for a number of other products such as furniture, driveway entry gates, bathroom fixtures, basketballs, frames and so on. In order to understand what damage protective coating can help you hide, it’s important to understand the key benefits.

Hide Chips and Scratches

An object coated with this technique gives a cost-effective and long lasting finish. Metal objects have the tendency to fade, chip or get scratched over time. However, with the powder coating oven technique the object becomes resistant to all these problems.

Retention of Beauty 

Moreover, the texture coating gives the ability to retain the beauty of the object with preexisting surface paint. It is available in a wide variety ranging from smooth surfaces to wrinkled finishes. Rough textures can also be designed for eliminating surface imperfections.


One of the major factors that has led to the growing popularity of the protective coating technique is that it is Eco-friendly. Unlike other kinds of surface paints and polishes, it doesn't contain harmful solvents like VOC that are not quite friendly to the environment.

Reduce Costs 

Since it is Eco-friendly and durable, companies and consumers can save thousands of dollars on their products. Finishers do not have to spend money to buy equipment or machines to control pollution, and consumers get to enjoy the benefit of their products for a long time.

The protective coating technique is widely used in industries like appliances, automotive, architectural, buildings and other everyday products. It is one of the fastest growing coating technologies used worldwide.


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