What kind of damages can happen to your truck without a bed liner?

Many owners may wonder why they should shell out on that additional cost of a truck bed liner. Yet when speaking to those who have endured vehicle damage for not doing that one simple thing will readily point out the reasons why they are imperative.

Arriving at a work site without an appropriate bed liner is going to mean loading your vehicle with various items of heavy cargo which is going to cause numerous scratches to the paintwork.
This eventually is going to wear away any paint protection coating that has been applied to the vehicle and if any liquids are then put into contact with these exposed areas then this will inevitably lead to a rust problem.

Rust may not be considered such a concern at first and can easily be hidden but as time passes this damage will eventually weaken the exposed metal and compromise the strength of the truck bed. This in turn will have a knock on effect when carrying heavy goods.
The effects of surface rust will worsen even more if the vehicle is exposed to the elements parked outside rather than in a garage.

Without a bed liner you also run the risk of your cargo sliding around while you are driving. This can inevitably not only cause dents to the vehicle but may also damage the goods you are transporting. It can also cause the vehicle to become difficult and unsafe to drive.

There is also the comfort of having a bed liner to alleviate pressure to your knees when loading and unloading the vehicle.

Another example of wear and tear which can have a negative effect upon the paintwork is,

when transporting such goods as gravel or mulch the debris from these items can easily fall into the cavity between the truck bed and tailgate. This in turn can cause an abrasive effect which, over time, will mean repairs to the vehicle to ensure its optimum performance.

There are many abrasive substances which you may also be required to carry. Should any of these products overturn and spill onto your vehicle bed this can also cause an acidic reaction. Again this can cause rust and in turn weaken the trailer bed.

Even carrying your daily groceries can cause scratches to the paintwork of the trailer bed and impact on the sides of the vehicle. So no matter what your cargo is….a trailer bed is a vital requirement to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition.


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