Why is Protecting the Bed of a Truck Important?

14. Chevy With Red XTRA-23-800-650-80Trucks are one of the most popular and versatile vehicles on the road. Automakers have continued to ensure a high standard by enhancing the performance of the truck and a luxurious feel. The price of an average pick-up has increased over time, thus truck owners are looking for more and more ways to protect their investment. There are different ways to protect trucks and one of these is bed liners.

Types of Bed Liners

Protecting the bed of a truck is important as it plays an important role in the life of the vehicle. A tough and durable bed liner will keep a truck looking new for longer as the destructive effects of corrosion and rust will be kept at bay. There are a couple of ways to install bed liners on a vehicle, such as a spray-on/ roll-on bed liner or an interlocking Dualliner bed liner, each of these ways has its advantages and a truck owner has to carefully select the one that best suit their needs.

A spray-on bed liner for instance is an exact fit to the truck bed thus won’t squeak, rattle or be prone to wind vibration. A custom fit Dualliner eliminates the possibility of rubbing off the factory paint of a truck, which might attract rust. Also a Dualliner has a zero-skid rubber to ensure cargo protection; if cargo doesn’t move then it won’t get damaged.

Our top of the range Line-X bed liners are:

  1. Carefully crafted spray
  2. Available immediately thanks to a 5 second dry time
  3. Permanent seal and excellent adhesion
  4. Resistant to solvents, acids and are water tight
  5. No hauling space is lost
  6. Specialized equipment without contaminants

By setting an industry standard as the best and most advanced bed liners in the market, a truck owner can be least assured of the best products that have undergone rigorous testing in our labs. Visit Line-x of Ohio with your questions or concerns.


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