Would You Buy a Car Online?

Today’s consumers are almost as likely to buy something online as in person, but does that extend to a purchase as large as a car? GM says yes with its new program, Shop-Click-Drive.

GM has been testing the website in 100 of its dealerships across the country and plans to extend it to all of the dealerships by the end of the year.

Using the Site

Shop-Click-Drive will be a complete new car-buying experience if GM’s plans pan out. Users can look at their favorite new cars, get quotes, and choose features. In fact, you can plan out your entire purchase online.

It doesn’t end there, however. Once you’ve chosen your car, you can even apply for financing and confirm your purchase online. When it’s ready, your car is delivered to your driveway.


It’s hard to say whether or not this program will be a success, but the numbers look encouraging for the company. Since rolling out the testing program to the 100 dealerships, 900 cars have been bought online.

As a whopping 94% of car-shopping consumers look online for details and information about the car they’re considering, it makes sense that a dealership would look into tapping into that market in a more solid way.

In fact, it appears that as many as one-third of car buyers would be willing to buy their car online. For a program that’s just getting started, that’s significant. Whether or not it will hold once the website is unveiled for all 4,300 dealerships remains to be seen. 


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