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Get a Durable, Dependable Spray-on Liner from LINE-X in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio Spray-on LinersYou put your truck through a lot: it hauls everything you need, from yard waste to furniture and everything in between. Protect your truck with LINE-X’s unique spray-on liners.

Traditional drop-in bed liners can’t stand up to LINE-X’s performance. Because it’s sprayed on, it permanently seals to your truck bed. This means that it won’t separate or rattle, and it won’t take any of your truck bed’s space away from you.

What LINE-X Is

LINE-X is more than plastic spray-on liners, it’s a specially developed formula applied by specialized equipment that mixes the components in the tip, creating an environmentally safe and amazingly effective lining procedure.

Here’s a closer look at what LINE-X spray-on liners actually are:

  • Strong, reliable protective bed liners.
  • Unique blend of elastomers, polyurethanes, and polyurias.
  • Fast-curing, drying within 5 seconds of application.
  • Usable immediately; ready for heavy-duty use within 24 hours of application.
  • One-of-a-kind material used by industrial, agricultural, marine, and commercial professionals, as well as the military.
  • Created without solvents, so there’s never any air pollution or dangerous contaminants.
  • Featured by many of the industry’s best and by media outlets nationwide, including Popular Mechanics, 60 Minutes, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

With a reputation like that, you can have confidence that spray-on bed liners from LINE-X in Columbus will make your truck both stronger and more polished.

Behind the Scenes at LINE-X

We’re so committed to creating the best liners for your vehicle, we are the only company in the industry with a dedicated full-time research and development staff. In addition, LINE-X has a 15,000-square-foot research facility. When you get LINE-X, you’re getting the best in the industry—“lab tested, real-world approved.”

Since 2005, we have been the recognized market leader in spray-on liners, and we take that seriously. Our products are resistant to solvents and acids. LINE-X was the first product of its kind to be accepted by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for its flame resistance.

Don’t waste time on old drop-in liners or plastic spray-on stand-ins: get the original. Get the best for your truck with LINE-X spray-on liners.



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