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About LINE-X of Columbus Ohio

LINE-X of Central Ohio is a local, family-owned small business. The owner is a native of Columbus, and a graduate of The Ohio State University. LINE-X of Central Ohio opened their first location in 2007. Our shop is independently owned LINE-X franchises. We’re not a dealer but an actual franchise, and there is a huge difference. As a franchise, we are required to only purchase and spray LINE-X Protective Coatings materials. This means that you will always get what you pay for. Dealers are not required to spray one brand only. As a LINE-X franchise, we’re also held to the highest standards in the industry. If we don’t maintain these standards, we’re held responsible for fixing the issue. A dealer can spray as thin as they want. When you see a spray-on bedliner available for less, it’s because you are getting less.

We take pride in providing our customers with the spray-on bed liner rated #1 in customer satisfaction and we greatly appreciate the loyalty of our repeat customers and all the great referrals they provide to friends and family.