14. Chevy With Red XTRA-23-800-650-80Trucks are one of the most popular and versatile vehicles on the road. Automakers have continued to ensure a high standard by enhancing the performance of the truck and a luxurious feel. The price of an average pick-up has increased over time, thus truck owners are looking for more and more ways to protect their investment. There are different ways to protect trucks and one of these is bed liners.

Types of Bed Liners

Protecting the bed of a truck is important as it plays an important role in the life of the vehicle. A tough and durable bed liner will keep a truck looking new for longer as the destructive effects of corrosion and rust will be kept at bay. There are a couple of ways to install bed liners on a vehicle, such as a spray-on/ roll-on bed liner or an interlocking Dualliner bed liner, each of these ways has its advantages and a truck owner has to carefully select the one that best suit their needs.

A spray-on bed liner for instance is an exact fit to the truck bed thus won’t squeak, rattle or be prone to wind vibration. A custom fit Dualliner eliminates the possibility of rubbing off the factory paint of a truck, which might attract rust. Also a Dualliner has a zero-skid rubber to ensure cargo protection; if cargo doesn’t move then it won’t get damaged.

Our top of the range Line-X bed liners are:

  1. Carefully crafted spray
  2. Available immediately thanks to a 5 second dry time
  3. Permanent seal and excellent adhesion
  4. Resistant to solvents, acids and are water tight
  5. No hauling space is lost
  6. Specialized equipment without contaminants

By setting an industry standard as the best and most advanced bed liners in the market, a truck owner can be least assured of the best products that have undergone rigorous testing in our labs. Visit Line-x of Ohio with your questions or concerns.

trucks 17-012814-intYour car paint can be damaged over time by factors such as oil, exhaust fumes, dirt, salt, and UV rays. These factors wear away the sleek surface of your car and make it fade and look aged. Paint protection prevents rusting and makes it easier for you to clean the surfaces of your vehicle. Paint protection seals the paint surface and protects the paint with a Line-X protection barrier that keeps the surface in pristine condition. The following are some vehicle surfaces that will benefit from a protective coating.

Tire Rims

Corrosion and rust protection is very important for the tire rims. It reduces the action of the inherent anti-oxidant oxidation process that gradually tarnishes the original shine of your rims. Water sprays onto clean rims on wet roads, but dries fairly fast. The wheels can be packed with mud which can trap water for days when not cleaned. Protective coating reduces the detrimental effects of the trapped water and prevents other elements from bonding with the rims.

Under Carriage Surface

It is rarely seen when the car is put to use. The under carriage surface is likely to corrode faster and easily than the upper body since it is exposed to salts during the winter and hardly washed. Other factors that may make it wear and tear include water, weather changes, atmospheric moisture and smoke emissions. Paint protection on the under carriage surface will provide corrosion coating and proofing that will significantly reduce maintenance efforts.

Interior Surface

Most military, industrial, commercial and agricultural vehicles have interior surfaces made of metal. The interior surface is prone to corrosion due to environmental factors and the nature of goods transported. They need a protective coating of rust-eating paint over clean rusty metal interiors. The paints contain acids that dissolve the rust to cover the bare surface.

Taking rust proofing and corrosion prevention measures will help you save your hard earned dollars in replacement and maintenance costs. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional, like Line-X in Ohio, who will spray a quality protective coating in all the exposed surfaces and prevent them from corroding and rusting.

painter-spray-paint-gun-front OVALProtective coating is an advanced and effective method used to provide protection to all kinds of metals and aluminum objects. A decorative finish can be applied to all kinds of objects that can be used by consumers and industries alike. Line-X in Ohio are experts in this field, and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

The powder used in the process is a combination of fine particles of resin and pigment. These particles are electrostatically sprayed on the surface of the object that requires coating. The electrically charged particles adhere to the grounded surface until the powder is heated in the powder coating oven.

The use of a powder coating system is not just limited to metal doors, aluminum frames, roofing or wrought iron fences. It is widely used by homeowners as a refinishing method for a number of other products such as furniture, driveway entry gates, bathroom fixtures, basketballs, frames and so on. In order to understand what damage protective coating can help you hide, it’s important to understand the key benefits.

Hide Chips and Scratches

An object coated with this technique gives a cost-effective and long lasting finish. Metal objects have the tendency to fade, chip or get scratched over time. However, with the powder coating oven technique the object becomes resistant to all these problems.

Retention of Beauty 

Moreover, the texture coating gives the ability to retain the beauty of the object with preexisting surface paint. It is available in a wide variety ranging from smooth surfaces to wrinkled finishes. Rough textures can also be designed for eliminating surface imperfections.


One of the major factors that has led to the growing popularity of the protective coating technique is that it is Eco-friendly. Unlike other kinds of surface paints and polishes, it doesn't contain harmful solvents like VOC that are not quite friendly to the environment.

Reduce Costs 

Since it is Eco-friendly and durable, companies and consumers can save thousands of dollars on their products. Finishers do not have to spend money to buy equipment or machines to control pollution, and consumers get to enjoy the benefit of their products for a long time.

The protective coating technique is widely used in industries like appliances, automotive, architectural, buildings and other everyday products. It is one of the fastest growing coating technologies used worldwide.

3081-101413-gs3081Keeping your car in good condition is a top priority for most drivers, as it enhances longevity and reduces constant trips to the mechanic for repairs, which can be quite expensive. One way to do this is with a bed liner from Line-X in Ohio. Another way that this can be achieved is through applying a special waxing formula. It forms a nice protective sheath over the automobile, reducing abrasion from external objects. Motorists should be keen when choosing the best wax brand to use on their vehicles, so below are some of the most popular varieties.

Natural Wax

As the name suggests, this product consists of organic ingredients such as Carnauba which can last for more than 2 months without retouching. It can be used on both new and old vehicles, each time producing a high-glossy finish that you will really appreciate.

Synthetic Wax

Most of them are made from polyethylene/plastic material and are less costly compared to the rest. They are also easy to apply.


They are not very durable but are simple to spread on top of the car, on average it only takes 15-20 minutes to apply the spay on a mid-sized vehicle.

Liquid Wax

These adhesives require a lot of patience and keenness when applying so as to maintain uniformity.

When is it Right to Apply the Coating?

Drivers should know when it's time to put the protective sheath on to make it most effective. Most coatings only last for only 3 weeks, after which they fade and slowly become dull. The good ones last for 45 days or more depending on quality and diligence of application. However, if you usually park your vehicle outside in the open-air where it’s prone to changing weather conditions, a waxing job may be required even sooner.

Water Bead Test is another technique that can be used for the same purposes: if while washing the water runs over the car surface and forms little beads which don’t go away then it means your wax is still viable. Otherwise, the liquid would just spill over the entire bodywork and run off in streams.

4064-101413-gs4064Your truck’s bed liner protects the bed by preventing damage to it. Bed liners keep the bed of your truck free from dents and scratches. The vitality of bed liners cannot be underestimated. However, you also need maintain the bed liner so that it can protect your truck’s bed from damage for the longest time possible before replacement is necessary. Below are some of the best ways to take care of any type of bed liner:

Avoid Dragging Items Around the Truck Bed

Dragging items around in your truck’s bed can destroy the liner. To avoid harming the bed liner, try as much as possible to lift things as you move them around in the bed.

Maintaining Rubber Mats Liners

These liners are cheap and can prevent the bed of your truck from scratches and dents. However, it may move around, making it inconvenient to use at times. To take care of this type of liner, you need to make sure water does not get underneath to rust your truck bed or deteriorate the mats.

Maintaining Plastic Liners

Hard plastic truck bed liners usually cover the entire bed of your truck, protecting all surfaces from possible scratches. Since you install it by drilling holes and using screws to fasten it into your truck, you need to make sure it is secure to avoid water getting in between it and the truck’s bed. Ensure that you keep harsh chemicals off of this type of liner and remember it is still vulnerable to cuts if not taken care of properly.

Maintaining Spray-in Bed Liner

This is one of the best bed liners out there. It is void of water problems like mats and plastic liners may have. Also, it protects your truck’s bed from rust as it is an actual coating on the truck itself. They are hardly destroyed by chemicals, and it resists tears from various objects. However, don’t drag items on the bed because it may destroy the liner with time.

These are just some of the ways to pay attention to when protecting your bed liner so that it protects your truck’s bed from scratches and dents for a longer time. Let the experts at Line-X in Columbus, Ohio assist you in understanding your options and installation of a new bed liner for your truck!

bc cement-mixer-driver-wave eps10-051314A truck bed liner plays a vital role in protecting your vehicle. However, it has the tendency to trap debris and dirt. So it is a must to regularly clean your bed liner. However, remember that the liner type affects the cleaning method to some degree. If it is a spray-on liner or drop-in liner, usually made of rubber or polyurethane, you do not have to worry about cleaning it because the material is durable and easy to clean. For a truck bed mat, a basic type of liner, it should be removed first before cleaning, and the bed itself needs to be cleaned also before placing the liner back.

Steps for Cleaning Your Truck Bed Liner

Step 1–Remove all your items from the truck bed. Then get rid of large sticks, rocks, and other unnecessary items out of the truck bed, and sweep out any other dirt.

Step 2 - Check the liner for stains and treat them using an automotive degreaser. It is advisable to use a pressure washer in cleaning the truck bed. Spray water across the truck bed, making sure that every space is given enough attention. Allow the water to flow out of your truck. Use a car shampoo whenever you need to wash an unlined truck bed to avoid damaging the surfaces. If you need to clean the bed with its liner on, an all-purpose cleaning gel or liquid can do the job. Scrub the liner to remove the dirt and debris.

Step 3 - Use a high-pressure hose to rinse it off and allow everything to dry. However, you may use a microfiber cloth to wipe away excess water if you wish.

For more information on truck bed liners, or to have one installed in your truck, contact Line-X of Columbus, Ohio, who would be happy to assist you.

transport-icons3-111413-2733Nobody wants a damaged truck bed. The problem is that using your truck for its intended purpose may ruin the bed unless you're careful. A load that scratches through the paint and exposes the metal underneath will let rust set in, which quickly destroys the bed.

For years, truck owners have always tried to fight back against bed damage, generally resorting to one of three options: plastic liners, spray-on liners, and bed carpets.

Plastic Liners

Most common are standard plastic bed liners. Most of these are one-piece designs which slide into the truck bed and then mount onto the truck to hold them in place. They're the most affordable option, but that doesn't mean they're the best choice for you. Why? For example, you may find water collecting under your bed liner, which results in damage. To make matters worse, plastic liners tend to be fairly slick. This can cause problems when you haul cargo, or even when you're walking in the bed.

Bed Carpets

Bed carpets offer a balance between plastic drop-in liners and spray-on types. These are made from marine-grade polypropylene, which doesn't retain water. Unlike spray-on liners, these don't require professional installation -- you simply roll them out over the bed of your truck. However, bed carpets do not protect every part of your truck bed, and they must be custom-cut to fit your truck.

Spray-On Liners

Spray-on liners tend to be a better solution than plastic drop-in types. A spray-on liner adheres to the bed and the inner sides of the truck bed, giving you better protection than a drop-in plastic liner. They help protect the metal surface from rust and corrosion as they seal tight onto the surface. Line-X of Central Ohio in Columbus offers spray-on liners for better durability and enhanced protection from those elements. Spray-on liners are a more affordable solution as they outweigh any costs, preventing future damage repairs. They will also last longer and provide better performance.

Spray-on liners should always be installed by a professional truck bed liner installer.

NX truck pickup fronthighWhen it comes to truck beds, add-on accessories range from the useful to those just for fun. Bed protection can seem great, but it is mainly practical. If you want to have one installed, Line-X of Central Ohio in Columbus can professionally put one in for you. Here are some types of liners you can choose from for your truck.

Soft Covers

For only a few hundred dollars you will get a custom fit soft cover for your truck. Get the proper version and you also might possess the very best buy in a cover. "Soft" does not mean wimpy either. The better covers are plenty tough. Although every one of these are definitely easier to get into than the hard covers described below; by concealing freight under freight, you automatically get improved protection.

Mostly, these versions are roll-forward designs that permit access to the whole truck bed. That way you'll be able to haul anything that fits in the bed and you can get to any section of the bed at any given time also. Other soft covers come with tilt-forward benefits, but the straightforward roll up variation is tough to overcome.

Find a clamp-in mounting system to create easier operation. Unless you have a reference for snap covers, they tend to cause more aggravation.

Retractable Hard Covers

Protect tools, toys, lumber, and more under an alloy sheet with the very best covers available. A selling point for retractable covers is their low profile appearance. Mounted only even with the bed railings, this could be the cleanest look you can have. Retractable versions open and shut by remote control. That seems like a little bit of surplus, but it is actually not very different than remote control luggage compartments. Now that looks like a normal anticipation. After all, a bed cover turns a pickup bed to a mega-luggage compartment. Why not get simple accessibility with a retractable cover? Is it true that the convenience justifies the cost? Only you can answer that one.

Bed Mats

No lining is harder than thick rubber mats. Need to shield your truck bed surface from scores and impacts? This is actually an affordable option to protect your bed’s surface. However, they are not permanent protection and tend to move around so sliding objects is difficult.These mats look amazing too, when you consider how little you spent.

Spray-on bed liners add that permanent touch to the bed. They perform in the same way as the rubber mats, but do not move. They also seal the truckbed from rust and corrosion. LineX specializes in spray on bed liners, but also carries many covers and accessories.

Nifty add-on accessories for truck beds generally make trucks more useful. For affordable prices, you get your money’s worth in protection. But generally speaking; the more the liner or bed cover, the better the quality, the better the dependability, and the better the look.

4997-101413-gs4997If you own a pickup truck, it’s likely important to you, and it’s equally important to keep it looking and running beautifully. Everything from a good inspection to a protective truck bed liner comes into play when you’re trying to get the most out of your truck.

Here are a few of the things you should make a habitual part of your truck care:

Regular Maintenance

Just like any vehicle, your pickup truck requires standard maintenance. Whether you do this yourself or take it to a professional, it’s important to do an oil change and thorough inspection as often as your owner’s manual recommends.

The inspection part is just as vital as the oil change—inspections can catch small issues before they become larger ones. If you’re not sure you can do a thorough inspection yourself, get an experienced friend or professional to take a look.

Keep It Clean

It might seem only cosmetic, but keeping your car clean can also help protect your paint and keep it looking good over the long term. When dirt is left on your truck for a long time, it can cause scratches in your paint.

Don’t forget that waxing once or twice a year can also go a long way in helping to protect the appearance of your truck!

Protect It

Truck beds take a beating—that’s the point, after all! If you can’t throw your load into the back of your truck and take it wherever you need to, you won’t enjoy your pickup. However, depending on the loads you carry, you could easily scratch and dent your truck bed over time.

Truck bed liners are a great option for any truck owner, and will keep your truck safe from dents. Spray-on liners from Line-X in Columbus, OH, go a long way in keeping your truck looking and performing its best.

suv 110002378-012814-intExposed to the elements long enough, any vehicle will succumb to rust and corrosion. There are numerous ways to protect your truck from these issues, regular cleaning and protective spray-on liners among them, but how bad is rust for your vehicle?

The truth is, rust can make a big impact on the appearance, performance, and value of your truck, and it’s not something you want to overlook. When you picture a vehicle covered in rust, it’s likely not a sight you want to see on your own truck! Here are some of ways rust can damage your vehicle.

Structure Damage. When rust and corrosion make it deep into the structure of your truck, it can weaken the entire vehicle. The chassis and framework of your truck are all made of metal and interconnected; if one area becomes weak from rust, it could lead to structure issues throughout. It’s hard to know if you’re on the road to severe structure damage until it’s too late, so make sure you do a visual inspection often.

Engine Damage. If rust gets into your engine block, you could suffer serious problems later on. Rust can eat through the mechanical components of your engine, and if you’re experiencing corrosion as well, your electrical components are in danger, too. This could lead to all sorts of failures and problems, including serious leaks that affect your engine’s performance.

Paint Damage. Although it’s largely cosmetic, paint damage from rust both makes your truck look bad and devalues your vehicle. When it’s time to sell, the last thing you want is a truck covered in rust damage.

Prevent rust by regularly cleaning your vehicle, doing a routine visual inspection throughout the truck, and by getting in touch with Line-X in Columbus, OH, about a rust-proof truck bed liner.

For those who want to spice up their truck or car, there are many things you can do. This can include truck bed liners, decals, artistic body paint, designer light lenses, sporty rims, and tons of other style upgrades. If you want to illuminate your vehicle on the outside and the inside, there are many options in color, type, and features.

Vehicle illumination is available for:

  • Interior doorsgs-3f946cdf41d5268689
  • Interior dash area
  • Underneath the dash
  • Underneath the seats
  • The ceiling
  • Under the body
  • On the bumper
  • Around the license plate holder
  • On the wheels
  • In the truck bed
  • Exterior rear for braking
  • And many other areas

When it comes to illuminating your vehicle, there are color options that include blue, red, orange, yellow, clear, etc. You can mix or match to your desire and decide how many lights you want. You can also choose features like solid lit illumination, blinking lights, and even chasing lights. In addition, you can have multi-colored lighting units that either light at once or simply transition the colors. On some of those lights, you can manually choose which color or in some cases, different colors are for different instances like red for braking and clear for constant lighting—all in one strip. Every type of interior/exterior illumination product has different purposes and is designed for specific applications. Most will work in general, but each one was manufactured to handle certain conditions and to mount certain ways.

Lighting Specifications, Types, and Options

As for the types of lighting available, some are designed for interior use while others are made for the exterior. You can really be creative here and build your own sporty styled vehicle in a way that you will enjoy.

Types of vehicle illumination include:

  • Hard, flat strips of lighting
  • Flexible strips of lighting
  • Curved strips of lighting
  • Cut-to-length lighting
  • Replacement bulb lighting in various colors
  • Etc.

The specifically designed options include:

  • Headlights and rear light replacements
  • Brake light replacements
  • Braking illumination strips
  • License plate lighting
  • Wheel illumination
  • Etc.

No matter what you decide to light your vehicle up with, it will surely look awesome. If you used the right products for the right uses, it will last much longer and you will enjoy it for a greater period of time. Most lighting is now made with light emitting diode (L.E.D.) illumination, in which most have excellent life spans depending on the quality of circuitry. Now it is time to go shopping and get ready for your cool ride to begin!


truck dumpsideProtecting the metal bed of a truck is something that any owner should do, and the best option for this is using a liner. There are a few styles available, with each having benefits that can make it a suitable choice. Owners in the process of exploring truck bed liners for their vehicle have the choice of the following common options:

Drop In Liners

As the name suggests, this style is designed to simply drop in place in the back of a truck and cover the floor and sides of the bed. They are manufactured from either durable rubber or plastic, and it is possible to have one custom made for your vehicle or use a universal style that fits a variety of truck makes and models. They can simply sit in place, although some use screws or adhesives to hold them more securely in place.

Carpet Bed Liners

This style is similar to a drop in liner although it is manufactured from durable foam that is topped off with a plush carpeted material. This can provide a more attractive finish, with the added advantage that the material is resistant to water and stains. This can help keep the liner in good condition for longer. Carpet bed liners usually work best in conjunction with a bed cover.

Bed Mats

A more basic option is a plastic mat that can be laid out to protect the floor of the truck bed only. They are easy to install and remove as required, and are one of the most affordable options available.

Painted Liners

This is a liquid plastic liner that is painted on to the floor and sides of a truck bed using a brush or roller. It adheres to the metal to provide a textured finish that leaves no gap for water to get under, so as to provide excellent protection.

Spray On Liners

These are similar to painted liners, with the exception that it is spray applied to a truck bed. And just like painted liners, spray-on liners protect the truck bed with no gaps for water to get under.

Both painted and sprayed liners are permanent applications that cannot easily be removed like other styles, so make sure it is definitely what you want before using one of them.A little research when exploring truck bed liners will go a long way to finding the right choice for your vehicle. Take the time to look around the different options to make sure you choose the best one that will protect the bed of your truck and provide a solid surface that best suits your needs. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area you can discuss your options with the professionals at Line-X of Central Ohio.

pick up truck rearviewMost people think that when you buy a truck that already has a bed liner then you are done. Well this is not exactly true. A bed liner will protect the bed itself, but it will still be hard to secure smaller items in the bed of your truck. You need storage accessories to compliment your bed liner, which may include:

Storage Containers

The main reason why you have a truck is probably so that you can easily carry goods from one place to another. Some of the goods that you would like to carry may have sharp and irregular shapes. Placing these goods on the bed liner may damage it and reduce the useful life of the bed liner. Storage containers come in handy in this case because the goods can be stored in the container first before being placed on the bed liner. This will help preserve it.

Tool Boxes

Majority of truck owners carry their tools with them. This may be because of their current occupation, or it may be a habit that they are used to. Often, tool boxes are also used simply as secure storage space in the truck bed. Toolboxes are great to secure all smaller items, including tools, that could possible get slung around in the truck bed during travel, or that need to be secured against theft.


In some areas the weather may be too extreme and you would like to lessen its effects. When buying your bed liner you should also consider getting a canopy for your truck bed. When your truck has a canopy you can carry goods which are prone to damage by severe weather without any problem since you are assured that the goods are well protected.

No matter what accessories you would like to add to your truck, including a bed liner, Line-X of Central Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to assist you in finding and purchasing the items you need.

off-road-vehicle 110002863-012814-intMost people who own trucks want to make sure that their trucks are well taken care off. Whether you have never had a bed liner, or when yourexisting truck bed liner is old, getting a new one can be fun. However, picking out a new bed liner is still an important decision. You have to take time and look at certain important factors. When picking a color for your new truck bed liner you should not be in a hurry because you might end up making the wrong decision. The color is very important and you should pick a color based on the following:

  • Color Of The Truck

The color of the truck is very important in determining the color that you are going to use for your new bed liner. The bed liner color should match the color of the truck in some way, or coordinate with it. If you choose colors that do not match in any way then you may have results that you will not like.

  • Long Lasting Color

It has been shown that some colors last longer than others. When choosing the color for your truck bed liner, make sure that you choose a color that will last for a long time. If you choose a low quality color you may be forced to replace the bed liner far sooner than expected or desired.

  • Personality

While coordinating colors in important, the truck is an extension of the owner and his or her personality. For this reason the color of the truck bed liner should express the owner’s tastes and preferences. You have the freedom to pick any color that you feel will help you express yourself better.

If you would like expert advice as well as assistance in purchasing and professional installation of a new bed liner and you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, Line-X of Central Ohio would be happy to assist you.

removal delivery man van-front-shield-051414Trucks are great vehicles, but they are also great tools for a wide variety of projects thanks to what is known as the truck bed. There are many very handy and creative uses for your truck bed. There are even uses for your truck be once the truck itself is no longer functional. Some of the most popular and creative truck bed uses include:

Carrying Loads

When you have a truck bed you can carry loads of almost any kind. However, you have to be careful that you do not overburden the truck, since this may reduce its lifespan. You also have to ensure that you have a sturdy truck bed liner because scratch to the unlined bed of the truck may lead to rust if you live in an area that has a lot of humidity.


Some people have turned their truck beds into small gardens where they are able to grow a few items that they want. This would usually be a use for a truck bed when the truck is old and no longer functional. You can fill it up with soil and grow the crops that you want, creating a decorative and contained garden space.


We live in a world where there is too much waste and pollution caused by human beings. If you have an old truck bed and you do not know what to with it then you should consider recycling it. You can recycle it by selling it to firms that deal with old and worn out truck beds. This will earn you money and the firm can refurbish the truck bed so that it looks like it is brand new, or recycle the scrap metal.

But if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and need accessories for your truck, bring it over to Line-X of Central Ohio, who will be happy to assist you in protecting your truck bed.

Choosing the right bed cover for your truck can be a daunting task due to the many options available. An expert truck accessory dealership can furnish you with first-hand information to help you decipher the different types of bed covers. Here is a quick review of various bed covers that are available in the market today.

Roll-up Covers

These truck bed covers are tailored to specifically protect the truck bed from various harsh outdoor weather conditions and elements. These covers are well known for giving usersthe ability to haul taller items as well as keeping cargo out of sight. Unlike other covers, this one comes with a frame that clamps on the truck bed without necessarily being drilled. If the vehicle has a locking tailgate, the rear rail locks into the side framework to provide additional security. 

Retractable Covers

These are unique covers that retract into a canister that is usually located at the front section of the truck bed. There are made from a wide array of materials so finding one that suits your needs should not be a hassle. It can have a vinyl, polycarbonate or aluminum surface that reinforces the structure. One of the benefits of using this kind of cover is that you will not be required to remove it when accessing the truck bed. Also, they come with a locking system to keep your goods safe during transit. In fact, some of them can still be secured when partially open. 

Soft Tonneau Covers

Most of these covers have a frame with several support bows whose main role is to clamp on the truck without requiring any drilling. You can easily attach the soft vinyl cover to the framework using the alternate or snap method. Just like other truck bed covers, it will keep your cargo out of sight and is relatively affordable as compare to roll-up and retractable covers. 

Hard and Soft Folding Covers

These bed covers have become very popular in the recent years due to the fact that they are very easy to use. Both covers offer unlimited access to the truck bed. The only difference is that the hard cover enhances security especially if the truck has a locking tailgate.

Bottom line, you should pick bed cover that works for you. Line-X of Central Ohio, located in Columbus, would be happy to assist you in sorting through your options and helping you choose a bed cover that meets your needs.

Is your plastic or vinyl looking a little faded and dull? It may be due to photo-degradation. Photo-degradation is the process of sunlight fading or weakening a material. It can wear down plastic and vinyl materials, including the trim of your vehicle. Parking your car unprotected causes severe sun damage to your trim over time. Sunlight beats down on your car, and the UV rays from the sunlight degrade the polymers of your trim while it is exposed. Here are a few reasons sunlight is so damaging to your vehicle:

  • UVA and UVB radiation's high energy light interacts with the polymer and breaks it down.
  • The bonds between the carbon atoms in the polymers contain similar dissociaton energy as found in the UV rays. So when the protons hit them, the bonds in the polymer break, causing degradation that affects the polymer that is the trim of your car first.
  • Polymers degrade from general deterioration and weather as well.
  • Simply being exposed to oxygen causes your trim to degrade.

Here are some ways to renew the look of vinyl trim and restore the look of your car:

  • Apply A Dressing

    Apply with your choice of a microfiber towel or a foam pad. Use a product has good reviews and is designed for to be used to renew vehicle trim. Any highly concentrated silicone gel designed to dress your trim will work. Wipe it on, let a few minutes pass, and then wipe away the residue carefully.
  • Apply A Dye

    Putting a dye onto the trim pieces is simple. The product you want will come with a black dye as well as a cleansing solution. It will end up restoring your trim with a great finish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions listed on the container exactly. Finish with a protectant to ensure the dye will stay.
  • Apply Lithium Spray

    Lithium spray coats vinyl and plastic with a shiny finish as well as a protective surface that will restore damage and prevent further degradation in the future

No matter what method you decide to use for restoring your trim, Line-X of Central Ohio, in Columbus, Ohio would be happy to help you restore your vehicle.

If you use a truck as intended, you need to seriously consider installing a protective bed liner. Although adding a liner will obviously cost a bit of money, the advantages that come from having a protective bed liner will more than outweigh the cost in the long run.  The professionals atLine-X of Central Ohio, in Columbus, would be happy to assist with the installation of a bed liner in your truck.


The single most important reason to use a protective bed liner is rather obvious – to protect the bed of the truck from the damage that can occur when you haul things. The liner will act as a protective shell, and is designed to resist denting when heavy items are placed in the bed of your truck. Also, with a protective liner installed, the surface of the bed is protected from the weather as well as scratches, which can cause rust and other damage.


Jump into a truck bed while it is wet and what is likely to happen? You end up looking like someone learning to ice skate. Wet truck beds can be incredibly slippery. Protective bed liners solve this problem nicely. Bed liners incorporate abrasive surfaces as one of their features. Instead of sliding around and potentially injuring yourself in a fall, a liner will provide you the stability needed to move about the truck with ease.


Bed liners also protect the bed of your truck from acquiring permanent stains and discoloration from items you may place in it. In a worst case scenario, you can simply replace the liner to address a major appearance issue caused by stains or weather fading.

Are bed liners worth the money? Yes. Using liners will help extend the life of the bed of your truck, which is going to save you a massive amount of money in the long run.

A trucks is one of the vehicles that when taken care of can exceed most of your expectations. You can get the best out of your vehicles by getting them the right performance parts and accessories. Auto detailing also plays a major part in giving your truck the look you've always desired. 

Service your trucks more often and watch the impact it will have on them. There are plenty of accessories, both interior and exterior, that you could use to boost the dependability and view of your vehicle. They include seat covers, floor mats, dash kits, dash covers, floor liners and sunshades for the interior and headlights, back lights, side mirrors and bed liners for the exterior. 

Some of these products ensure your safety and comfort when driving whereas the others such as the bed liners are meant to prevent dents or damages to the truck's surface. The bed liners can be found in two forms; the drop-in and the sprayed-on with the former being easy to install and remove while the latter is non-removable but has its own advantages such as sleek designs which can be found in a variety of admirable shades. 

Clean, polish and wax your truck with reputable auto detailing products that the industry has to offer. Ensure that you use the best tools alongside these products. If it's the polisher, the brush or the towel, make sure its premium quality. They clean all the major parts thoroughly to get rid of accumulated dirt and bring out the magnificent finish of the truck. 

Trucks can come in handy when driving on rough terrain. It’s imperative that they are properly serviced for optimum results. Replace worn out parts with new genuine parts. This generally boosts the performance of your vehicle while at the same time reducing unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

Just as the name suggests, hybrid bucket truck clearly is a mix of two very powerful units in a single vehicle. An internal combustion engine lies beneath the front hood just like any other truck whereas a supplementary electric motor is positioned beneath the mid framework unit, and is linked to a hydraulic pump.

The combustion engine runs the truck while on the road same as a typical truck, but as far as aerial tasks are concerned; the electric motor handles the key role. 

Motorized by a dozen battery packs of high capacity, an electric motor is able to provide uncontaminated and effective power to hydraulic system for several hours. In circumstances where the span of the aerial task is beyond the capacity of the battery, the combustion engine automatically takes over the job of the hydraulic pump whilst charging the batteries.

Even though hybrid bucket trucks perform just like the normal trucks, the usage of an electronic motor as the key driver for the truck’s hydraulic pump leads to advantages that are not possible with a typical truck design.

These trucks are fuel efficient. One among the major concerns associated with any normal bucket truck is the fuel usage. With a normal design of the truck, a supplementary internal combustion engine or the main engine needs to continue running throughout the operation. This means that the truck is using fuel the whole time it’s deployed. However, with the hybrid version, the electric motor simply uses the electricity stored in the battery. Once the battery has been emptied, it can automatically be charged as the truck’s combustion engine takes on its role. 

They operate quietly. Unlike the interior combustion engines, electric motor can operate quietly without producing any background noise. As a result, it doesn’t disturb the neighboring houses or hinder spoken conversation between the ground crew and the aerial worker.

They require minimal maintenance. Electric motors have lesser moving parts as compared to internal combustion engines. As a result, it does not need frequent maintenance unlike the secondary internal combustion engines.

They are environmentally friendly. Electric motor does not emit any dangerous exhaust gases in the air. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health dangers to the workers.

Almost any aerial job needs a bucket truck. However, because of the increasing fuel costs, many people are hesitant to capitalize such a truck. If you need to buy a bucket truck, a hybrid kind is the best option. It is very cost-effective and will get your job done the same way a standard version would have done it.

Many people live in areas where the inclement weather may have a negative effect on their cars. Wear and tear is normal in the life of any car but what differs is the rate at which the wear and tear takes place. If you live in an area that is close to a salty body of water, the chances of your car getting rust are much higher than those living in other areas. Places under the body of a vehicle that have not been coated with any paint are the most susceptible to rusting. The solution for this issue is undercoating for the vehicle. Undercoating is a protective layer that is installed under the car on those unpainted surfaces. The advantages of having an undercoating on your vehicle include:

Increased Lifespan

Having an undercoat on your vehicle will increase its lifespan. If you want to keep your car for many years then you should make sure that it has an undercoating.

Sound Dampening

When vehicles are not well taken care off they tend to make a lot of noise on the road. This is the case especially when the vehicle has no undercoating. When you have an undercoat, it will dampen the sound and you can move quietly on the road.


Undercoating has the effect of increasing the weight of the car. Some may consider this a bad thing while it is in fact are a good thing. The undercoat will add more weight to the car at the bottom. This will help make the car more stable and you can ride comfortably without the fear that the vehicle may lose its stability.

Contrary to popular belief, undercoating is not as expensive as most people think. It is very affordable, especially considering that the undercoating could potentially reduce or eliminate the costs that you would have incurred if the lower part of your vehicle had succumbed to rust. Line-X in Columbus would be happy to assist you in installation of an undercoating for your vehicle.

When it comes to trucks, your truck body kits are very such as those useful for day-to-day cars or trucks. There is also the range of customizable parts which are readily available for such trucks. These kind of truck gadgets components should elevate your body in the truck many inches above your frame. Thus with such specialized product merchandise, it will become potential to install larger rims on to trucks which are acceptable to be set up in such large vehicles.

Mentioned above previously the truck body kits aren't limited to this. Actually by lifting our bodies, other numerous customizations can be produced for the trucks as well. Many consider how the lifting item and element are meant to be specialized enhancements to enhance the high performance with the motor vehicle. All these specialized products in fact, like different automotive body kits should improve the look in the trucks.

While comprehensive kit packages certainly have the desired effect in terms of improving the look of the vehicle they are not able to offer the individual and distinctive appeal that motorists may wish from other vehicles. Thus to further include that personal touch that several motorists want, customized products called BK-gektbk are more appropriate for their cars. These particular items encourage the owners of the car to acquire a far more customized look while deciding on the style our bodies kit might have.

In reality variations of body kits ground effect kits may give a totally innovative look to the automobile. These products could make the actual cars seem sportier or make the automobile to check additional aggressive. The various components of Nissan body kit might embody sharpened sides to make the car look sleek, or have sleek lines which will result in the motor vehicle seem more refined. Regardless, these types of ground result kits are very loved by car customizers nowadays.

So body kits are certainly quite appropriate to provide just about any type of automobile an extremely unique look. These car items will totally rework the feel of a vehicle or other automobile to seem extremely amazing and also pristine, almost original.

Hybrid trucks also known as hybrid electric vehicles are manufactured to combine both diesel combustion and electric propulsion engines. Launched in 2003, this advanced technology was initially used to equip light military trucks, which later evolved to include commercial vehicles. Fitted with internal diesel or petrol combustion engines and rechargeable electricity storage systems, the trucks are produced for mining machines, off-road trucks, outer-space crawler transporters, commercial trucks, waste collection trucks, tractors, buses, and power trains. 

Approved for production by research organizations, these advanced Hybrid Trucks can bear gross weights of 6400 to 15000 kilograms. Semi-trailer trucks have the capability of transporting fully-loaded 12 meter containers, and travel at maximum speeds of 10 miles per hour at a range of 30 to 60 miles, using 2 kilowatts per hour per mile, in comparison to the 5 mile coverage per gallon for fuel only trucks. 

Some Hybrid Trucks are developed with plug-in accessories that allow for recharging with a normal electric wall socket. The plug-in’s share similar characteristics with electric motor and internal combustion engine vehicles and the conventional varieties, the difference being the plug-in system which connects to the electric grid. 

The cost of operating a Hybrid Truck that entirely utilizes electricity is estimated to be less than a quarter of the overall cost of pure-use gasoline trucks. Whereas the hybrid versions reduce the global warming effects in comparison to conventional vehicles, the plug-ins offer range comfort ability since the combustion engine works as a back-up system whenever battery power is depleted.  

A host of benefits associated with Hybrid Trucks are: low greenhouse effects, fewer fill-up trips to filling stations, the ease of home recharging using normal electric sockets, and vehicle to grid applications. Several countries have passed laws in support of the manufacture and use of hybrid vehicles, in terms of financially supporting the research procedures for the creation of advanced batteries, and other enhancing technologies.

Suspension is a general term used in place of systems such as linkages connecting a vehicle and its wheel system hence allowing relative mobility, shock absorbers and springs. Suspension systems normally serve double purposes which are braking and handling or road holding. Braking is significant when it comes to driving pleasure and good active safety. Suspension systems are also of great importance in offering protection towards luggage or cargo against damage and wearing out. In some instances, you may also find out that suspension systems of both the rear and front may differ in terms of design.

Significant properties of truck suspension systems

Spring rate
Also known as suspension rate, this term is used to mean a setting put in place so as to set a vehicle's location on the suspension stroke or a vehicle's ride height. Whenever a spring undergoes compression, it’s by fact that the kind of force exerted is equally proportional to changes related to its length. Springs that are normally either too soft or too hard make a suspension to be quite ineffective since they are limited from correctly isolating a vehicle from a road. Hard and heavy springs are normally used for vehicle that encounter suspension loads that are quite heavier than they normally would be. Their spring rate is also closer to upper limit to enhance a vehicle's weight.

Roll rate
Normally, roll rate of a vehicle differs from front parts to rear. This is important because it allows or gives room for turning ability for both steady and transient state of handling. Total weight transfer of a vehicle cannot be affected by a vehicle's role rate but instead influences affects shifting of speed and weight transfer from one axle to another throughout a vehicle's chassis. Generally, a higher role rate of an axle, the higher and faster percentage of weight transfer in such an axle.

Flexibility and vibration of suspension elements
Rubber bushings carry a lot of flexibility mostly in modern cars. A rubber bushing is some kind of vibration isolator. When cars had less developed suspensions, flexibility of wire wheels enhanced their popularity.

Trucks are vehicles designed for transportation of goods and are used for a variety of applications such as moving household goods, finished products, raw material equipment, containers for export and import, carrying construction material and removing debris from factories and construction sites.

Usually a person or business who wants to use a truck for moving things from one place to another would contact a transportation firm offering trucks for hire and ask how much load can your pickup truck handle, before deciding to hire one or more trucks.

The load which a pickup truck can handle can be divided into two major considerations - dimensional limitation and weight. The dimensions of pickup restrict the size of the goods which can be carried in the truck. The total volume of the goods should not exceed the pickup volume of the truck as this could be dangerous, unsecure and a hazard to other vehicles on the road.

If the volume of the goods exceeds the storage volume of the goods, it will be difficult to close the truck and it can cause problems to the workers who are loading the truck. The goods for transportation may fall off the truck during transportation, leading to financial losses, especially if they are expensive items. Lastly if the items extend out of the pickup truck, it could be a hazard to others as it could damage other vehicles on the road.

Most trucks are designed to carry only a certain amount of weight, and mechanical design of the truck which includes engine rating and material used takes into consideration this weight restriction. While trucks can carry most daily use products comfortably, with dimensional restrictions the main factor determining the volume of goods transported, the weight restrictions are a consideration when the products have a very high density like heavy metal goods.

1) Protect Your Cargo - Bed liners can prevent your precious cargo from moving around and becoming damaged.

2) Weather Proof - Without a bed liner the weather can take its toll on the bed of a truck. Creating issues like rust and holes.

3) Wear Proof - Bed liners can take the wear and tear from anything and are built to last.

4) Slip Resistant - Bed liners give you the traction you need to load the big gear in the bed without slipping.

5) Easily Cleaned - Cleaning a bed liner is as simple as spraying it down with a hose. There is no worry of rust if the bed doesn't dry immediately.

6) Great Looking - Trucks are used every day for work, play, and adventure. At the end of a day after the truck has taken been used and abused you know the bed liner will keep it looking brand new.

7) Ads Value - Anyone buying a used truck is going to be looking for one with a bed liner already installed.

8) Minimizes Vibration - The vibrations created from driving can be neutralized by a bed liner. This can be very helpful when carrying fragile cargo.

9) Eliminate the "Nails across the Chalkboard Sound" - If you have been around trucks long enough you know there is no worse sound then when cargo is being loaded up and scrapes the bed of a truck without a bed liner. When metal on metal make that familiar screech it gives everyone a chill down their spine up to the fillings in their teeth. Bed liners can keep this annoying occurrence from happening.

10) Good for Life - Bed liners are good for the life of your truck. When you make the decision of having one installed it will be the only time the truck will need it.

Many owners may wonder why they should shell out on that additional cost of a truck bed liner. Yet when speaking to those who have endured vehicle damage for not doing that one simple thing will readily point out the reasons why they are imperative.

Arriving at a work site without an appropriate bed liner is going to mean loading your vehicle with various items of heavy cargo which is going to cause numerous scratches to the paintwork.
This eventually is going to wear away any paint protection coating that has been applied to the vehicle and if any liquids are then put into contact with these exposed areas then this will inevitably lead to a rust problem.

Rust may not be considered such a concern at first and can easily be hidden but as time passes this damage will eventually weaken the exposed metal and compromise the strength of the truck bed. This in turn will have a knock on effect when carrying heavy goods.
The effects of surface rust will worsen even more if the vehicle is exposed to the elements parked outside rather than in a garage.

Without a bed liner you also run the risk of your cargo sliding around while you are driving. This can inevitably not only cause dents to the vehicle but may also damage the goods you are transporting. It can also cause the vehicle to become difficult and unsafe to drive.

There is also the comfort of having a bed liner to alleviate pressure to your knees when loading and unloading the vehicle.

Another example of wear and tear which can have a negative effect upon the paintwork is,

when transporting such goods as gravel or mulch the debris from these items can easily fall into the cavity between the truck bed and tailgate. This in turn can cause an abrasive effect which, over time, will mean repairs to the vehicle to ensure its optimum performance.

There are many abrasive substances which you may also be required to carry. Should any of these products overturn and spill onto your vehicle bed this can also cause an acidic reaction. Again this can cause rust and in turn weaken the trailer bed.

Even carrying your daily groceries can cause scratches to the paintwork of the trailer bed and impact on the sides of the vehicle. So no matter what your cargo is….a trailer bed is a vital requirement to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition.

One of the things that most people associate with trucks is men. It is a fact that most men love trucks. But why do men love their trucks? One of the reasons is because unlike most things in life, their trucks are always dependable. For whatever reason the truck was bought, it performs its duty whenever called upon.

Men can use their trucks to haul heavy work materials or for work purposes in general. Trucks are one of the only vehicles that can be used to move larger items, so men often love their trucks because it makes it easier to transport things in the bed of the truck without having to make multiple trips or hire someone to do it for them.

The truck represents the man's independence and ability to take care of things on his own. Many men also love their trucks because they provide them with a source of entertainment. For example, some men use their trucks to attach trailers carrying things like boats, ATVs, and other fun equipment.

Since the truck is the vehicle that allows them to take part in these activities, the men then associate their truck with whatever fun activity they are going to do. Some men love their trucks simply because they have grown up loving trucks. The man might be an antique truck collector and have a hobby refurbishing old trucks just for the beauty that they hold. Other men may enjoy buying trucks and decking them out with the best interiors, paint jobs, accessories, and power under the hood. They get pride from the way that their truck looks and runs.

Whatever the case may be, men have been associated with society's memory of trucks for a long time, and that is not going to change anytime soon! Men love their trucks!

For many years the world has experienced a revolution in truck models around world. Germany and the US continue to emerge as world’s greatest truck manufacturers to date .They have unveiled different types of truck brands now and then, however it has not been a smooth ride for this two nations .They face stiff competition from the Japanese and Chinese who also are experts in this game of trucks. The question that many truck users continue to ask is; which are the top trucks in the world today?

The Honda ridge line is ranked as the first in the world. This is due to its durability and reliability. The ridge line is well built and holds up well for sporting activities. It has a powerful engine and uses less fuel of about one liter per kilometer .It has a four wheel drive and capacity to carry a size-able amount of load for camping lovers. It comes with a two air bags one for the driver and the passenger sit next to the driver.

The Tundra comes in second. It is a product of Toyota and has great power. It also has a large storage room and compartments for which are also easy to operate. Its four wheel drive system enables the truck to withstand some of the toughest terrains in the world. It also comes with a sizeable cabin space.

Ford F-150 a product of ford comes in third. It came into the world market and was later re-engineered with a new engine years later. It has highest speed being 180 kilometers per hour and comes with a range of dependable engines.

Isuzu D-max product of Isuzu comes in fourth. Designed to carry quite a load it has good storage cabinets. It has found market in third world markets where majority of people can afford to buy and maintain it. It can do well in all-weather roads and has a good cabin and low fuel consumption.

Toyota Nissan closes the list of the top five trucks in the world .It comes with a powerful engine and has a four wheel drive system .It comes also at an affordable prize and its maintenance cost. It has a large cabin and maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

Line X is a high quality spray-on truck liner suitable for all needs, whether for your van, truck, or other heavy-duty vehicle. Line X has become a trusted industry standard, making the spray formula in its own research lab. Line X is excellent for increasing your vehicle's durability and making it look more polished. They have received contracts from the US military, the MSHA (mining authority), and various industrial and commercial companies.

Line X has several different departments, each specializing in different fields. It has a commercial industrial department, that specializes in in polyuria and polyurethane based spray coatings designed to toughen the barrier between your equipment and the elements that tries to corrode the metal equipment. It is highly resistant to abrasion and impact, and is used in the chemical, transport, mining, petroleum, defense, and construction industries.

Line X is perfect for agricultural industries, given the amount of damage machinery can undergo from both weather and abrasion- the polyuria/polyurethane spray mixture bonds to the material at a molecular level, ensuring resistance against even the harshest of work environments. Information on the commercial industrial side of Line X can be found here.

It is also applicable for light industries that can be sprayed on aluminum, fiberglass, Styrofoam, or wood. Its damage and corrosion resistance makes it perfect for motor homes, motorcycles, boats, or work tables, or for lining the interior of trucks and vans for transportation. As Line X is impregnated with DuPont Kevlar, it is also UV resistant so your equipment does not fade from prolonged exposure to the sun. This is excellent for any equipment that needs to be left outside or under harsh lighting for prolonged periods of time, making it excellent also in the entertainment industry, as a coating on speaker systems, light fixtures, stairwells, or for coating pipes.

Line X is also useful for residential purposes; as your home is a massive investment you will want to keep it in as good a condition as possible. You can use Line X spray to protect your roof, gates, decking and fountains, in your basement, bathroom, garage, or sheds. It is ideal for use on ladders, fences, or railings as its impact resistance allows it to be handles, walked on, or banged in to with minimal damage. It's high durability against damage and its corrosion resistance makes it perfect for swing sets or patio furniture, or anything else that is to be left outside, or heavily used. This is especially useful for those with large families or pets. For more information on using Line X for residential purposes, see this page.

When choosing what spray to use, whether for your business or home, you will want something high quality and very durable. Line X is the perfect solution for stopping corrosion on your vehicles, equipment, or outdoor furniture, as well as keeping your garage, basement, or shed in great condition. Line X liner spray is an industry leader in liner sprays, and has become one of the most trusted liner spray companies in the world.

Line-X is an industry leading company that specializes in spray on bed liners for trucks and industrial coating for industrial vehicles. Located in the Columbus area of Central Ohio, Line-X has two stores -- one on North Huntley Road and the other on West Business Park. Not only does this company provide top of the line bed liners, they also sell bed liner covers and offer sealant for paint and fabric. With their own research facility where they create, test, and refine their product, Line-X is committed to producing high quality spray on liners that are not only durable but also safe.

Their carefully crafted formula dries in 5 seconds once it's applied, and is ready for rugged use within 24 hours. It creates a permanent seal and is watertight, yet also free of contaminants and pollutants. With superior durability, these bed lines will resist corrosion and rust. Not only will Line-X Protective Coating protect your truck bed, it will give it a more polished look while allowing you to keep all of your valuable bed space. Line-X bed liners come in premium, xtra, and platinum grades, with each increasing in durability and quality. Line-X is great for residential, industrial, and even commercial industrial applications. To see some great examples of liners, check out our gallery.

After you get your spray on liner, what better way to further protect your haul than to get a bed cover? Line-X offers three different types of covers: Solid Fold by Extang Engineered, Retrax, and Rugged Liner. Solid Fold is a hard lid, folding tonneau cover that requires no tools to install and utilizes clamps to attach securely to your truck. Since it's constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, it's lightweight yet strong. Retrax is a rigid, retractable bed cover that clamps on in one piece and can be opened and closed with one hand. Made of polycarbonate construction, it's strong enough to stand on. Rugged Liner is a premium vinyl folding tonneau cover that requires no tools to install and features a tailgate lock for added security.

Other services provided by Line-X include Valugard, which is available for paint and fabric as well as undercoating. As a paint sealer, it protects against sun and oxidation, adding a high gloss shine. It also works like a water resistant coat, encouraging water to bead off. For fabric protection, Valugard prolongs the lifespan of your fabric by encasing the fabric in a resin-based formula and preventing stains. As a vinyl and leather protector, it helps maintain softness and conditions the matieral. It prevents permanent stains and lasts for years. Valugard as an undercoat acts as protective barrier between the grime of the road and the undercarriage of your vehicle. It prevents corrosion and also lets the driver enjoy a quieter ride. It can also be applied to wheel wells to keep them looking shiny and new.

Overall, Line-X Protective Coating of Columbus literally has you covered when it comes to protective coatings for your truck bed, undercarriage, interior, and even industrial items and vehicles. To read more, or to get directions to their stores, check out our company website.

You've just bought a brand new shiny truck, and you gaze at it in pride as it sits there gleaming with fresh paint and shiny chrome. It's a serious investment and you've worked hard for every nut and bolt. It's sad that in very little time your investment is going to get dings and scratches and…(gasp) maybe even RUST!

Trucks are useful and they are meant to be used, to move furniture, haul various items with, store tools, or to work with, but all too often your trucks' value will be compromised by the damage it will receive just doing what it was meant to do. A truck’s bed is particularly vulnerable, open to the elements, accepting whatever we put in it whether that is metal rods, a cord of wood, stone for a driveway base or that metal-legged table of your aunts. It receives the most abuse and although it looks tough and strong there really is only a very thin coating of paint and clear-coat between the raw metal and whatever you need to put in it.

You could buy a plastic liner that bolts to your truck box, but moisture, pebbles and dirt can easily get between the liner and the bed causing scratches and allowing rust to spread by trapping moisture. They are tough and not terribly unattractive, but there is a much better solution. Why not get an impenetrable spray-on coating to protect your truck bed? Durable, attractive and permanent, Line-X protective coatings are the frontrunner in spray-on coatings with many applications. So good, even the military uses them. A Line-X protective coating is that solution and Line-X of Central Ohio specializes in truck bed application of Line-X products. 

Line-X of Central Ohio stands behind this amazing line of products that resists dings, scratches, small dents, moisture, salt, UV radiation and even extremes in temperature and has expert installers to help you protect your automobile investment. It’s darn good looking as well! 

Line-X protective coatings bond permanently at the molecular level to most materials including metal, fiberglass, Styrofoam, and even wood. It has superior adhesion, a permanent seal, and repels solvents, acids, even fire damage. Line-X is also corrosion resistant, anti-skid and anti-slip. What more could you want in truck bed protection? Line-X is abrasion and impact resistant and laboratory tests confirm that it is effective under the most severe conditions. Line-XTM Xtra has DuPont TM Kevlar® and provides a gloss finish that will last and last.

Line-X of Central Ohio is the premier supplier and installer of Line-X products. Don't let your truck get all scratched, dented and damaged when you can easily protect your truck bed with a Line-X protective coating. And no worries! Your truck can be ready to use in 24 hours because it has an impressive 5-second drying time. Our highly trained Line-X applications specialists are waiting for you to bring that new truck in and take care of it like it takes care of you. Say goodbye to body shops and replacement truck boxes and hello to Line-X!

When you’re working with thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, you would naturally want to make it last for as long as you possibly could. Heavy equipment and machinery are kept in tip top shape by regular maintenance, service and repair. Care is also given to make sure that these machines (although industrial in scale) are not used beyond their capacity. In addition to these, they are also protected from the elements the best way possible. This is where Line X Commercial Industrial comes in.

What They Offer

Industrial coatings have plenty of applications in industries and even medium or small businesses. If you’re in the chemical, mining, transport, defense or severe service line of business, you’ll find that protective coatings will work to your advantage. LINE-X protective coatings are made with polyuria and polyurethane coatings that can cover and protect almost any kind of known service.

If for example, you are moving company with a large fleet operating in a massive scale, your truck beds would need protection from every day wear and tear. Not only that, the specialized linings provided by Line X Commercial Industrial protects the surfaces from corrosion, chemical spills, abrasion and other possible kinds of surface damage. It even prevents water from seeping into the machines or vehicles, thus preventing water damage. The versatility of Line X’s coatings make them an invaluable tool for any business owner who wants to protect or prolong the life of resources.

What You Can Expect

As a trusted name in the industry, hundreds of businesses and companies rely on Line- X for industrial coating jobs. The high quality materials create a barrier so strong it is almost impervious to extreme weather or temperature changes. You can be assured that your machines, equipment and other vehicles are protected from high humidity, salt water and chemical damage as well as abrasions and impact damage. The coatings are easy to apply and use. Just spray on and allow to dry for a few minutes.

  • Blast Force Mitigation - Line- X truly is applicable in large scale or industrial settings. Even the US military and defense industries have acknowledged the benefits of Line-X coatings as a blast mitigation product.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Protection- Fires, chemical spills, and oil industry accidents can be minimized with the help of Line- X coatings. It provides an extra layer of safety and environmental protection in the areas where flammable and combustible petroleum products are kept or sold.
  • Enhanced Employee Safety and Protection - Accidents in the workplace can also be prevented if safe, non-slip surfaces are provided in delicate work environments, Floors, stair wells, ramps, catwalks and bridges can be sprayed with Line- X coatings for added protection.

Trust Only LINE- X

LINE-X® Protective Coatings has 556 branches in 26 countries to date. Since it started in 1999, it has risen to become the industry leader and benchmark when it comes to spray on protective, elastomeric coatings. Over the years, it has produced the highest quality and most reliable products in the market. As proof, the biggest names in commercial, mining, petroleum, transport industries (and even the military) relies on LINE- X technology for their everyday needs.


There are a lot of things about your vehicle that are out of your hands: you can’t control the cost of gas, how much a repair is going to cost, or just how much your insurance is going to cost.

Thankfully, there are some things you do directly influence: when you take great care of your car or truck, it lasts a long time. From everyday things like watching your gauges and checking the air pressure in your tires to investments like truck bed liners and occasional check-ups, that little bit of effort goes a long way!

The Best Tips

Below you will find some of the best things you can do to keep your car up and running for many years to come:

  • Listen to your truck. Machine’s are reasonably good at telling you when something isn’t quite right. Watch your gauges, look over the vehicle carefully once in a while, and listen to the sounds it makes. Anything that isn’t normal is worth looking into.
  • Maintain! The best thing you can do for your car is common maintenance: keep it clean, keep the oil changed, and every once in a while take it to a mechanic for a quick check.
  • Check your tires. Tires are easily overlooked—it’s easy to forget when they’re doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, bad tire pressure (too little or too much) can cause damage to your tires or even decrease your fuel mileage.
  • Keep it cool. Lack of coolant can lead to overheating that can destroy an engine. Keep an eye on the heat of your engine and the levels of your coolant to keep it running beautifully.
  • Let it breathe. Your engine needs air to function at its peak level, so keep the air filters clean and fresh.

What things do you do to keep your truck in its best shape?

Today’s consumers are almost as likely to buy something online as in person, but does that extend to a purchase as large as a car? GM says yes with its new program, Shop-Click-Drive.

GM has been testing the website in 100 of its dealerships across the country and plans to extend it to all of the dealerships by the end of the year.

Using the Site

Shop-Click-Drive will be a complete new car-buying experience if GM’s plans pan out. Users can look at their favorite new cars, get quotes, and choose features. In fact, you can plan out your entire purchase online.

It doesn’t end there, however. Once you’ve chosen your car, you can even apply for financing and confirm your purchase online. When it’s ready, your car is delivered to your driveway.


It’s hard to say whether or not this program will be a success, but the numbers look encouraging for the company. Since rolling out the testing program to the 100 dealerships, 900 cars have been bought online.

As a whopping 94% of car-shopping consumers look online for details and information about the car they’re considering, it makes sense that a dealership would look into tapping into that market in a more solid way.

In fact, it appears that as many as one-third of car buyers would be willing to buy their car online. For a program that’s just getting started, that’s significant. Whether or not it will hold once the website is unveiled for all 4,300 dealerships remains to be seen. 

USA Today did a great video and story on the growing popularity of spraying bedliners.  They also highlight some of the other uses of Line-X protective coatings.





Most trucks receive a lot of abuse, especially with hauling and frequent, repeated loading/unloading. Their uses can be endless, including hauling equipment, construction work, getting used for deliveries, often used for furniture hauling or moving, etc. etc. etc. Aside from the abuse your truck bed can endure, it receives constant exposure to Mother Nature, including heat, rain, snow, ice, leaves, and much more. If you have a cover, that helps protect from weather, but does not protect the bed.

Bed liners are a great way to protect the bed in your truck. With the frequent abuse it can receive, it becomes prone to scratches, dents, chips, and much more. This leads to rust, corrosion, and eventually holes in your bed or practically no bed at all.

Regular bed liners can help protect from abuse and prolong the destruction, but lack in protection from Mother Nature. Rain, snow, ice etc. can often get in between the edges of the liner, the openings in the liner, and can sit there for quite some time, causing corrosion, rust, and overall damage.

Spray on bed liners provide maximum protection by completely covering and sealing your truck bed. When spray-on bed liners are used, there are no gaps, holes, or cracks for Mother Nature to enter.

They also do not move around or fall out of place like regular bed liners. In addition, spray-on liners can handle extensive abuse, avoiding any chipping, cracking, or cupping like regular liners experience.

Spray-on truck bed liners add maximum protection to your vehicle and extend the life of your truck bed. It is certainly worth the small investment, especially in used in the construction and home improvement industry.

What was the last thing you hauled in your pick up truck? You can probably remember—lumber, yard trash, moving boxes, furniture. Trucks take a lot of beatings from constantly hauling stuff, and that’s why most truck drivers get a bed liner.

There’s more benefits from a bed liner than just the protection it provides, though. You can truly extend the life of your truck with a spray-on liner:

  1. Prevent rust. Rust is the enemy of anything metal, especially your truck bed. Rust does several things to a vehicle: it makes it weaker, makes it look like it’s in bad shape, and those things combined can greatly decrease the value of your truck.
  2. Prevent scratches & dings. Even if your truck doesn’t rust, a lot of scratches and dings in the bed can lower the value. With a liner, you’re protected from that. Need to haul branches, pipes, or metal poles? With a bed liner, you can do that without worrying about your truck.
  3. Look more polished. The truth is, people make judgments on many parts of your vehicle, and if you’re looking to sell it eventually, a liner can make or break the deal. A spray-on liner makes the truck look completed and polished, and many times, buyers now expect more recent trucks to have a liner.

Value is in the wallet of the buyer. If you value your truck or if you plan to sell it and want to keep the value high, you’ll want to invest in the things that protect it, like a spray-on liner.

A dependable truck will serve your purposes for years, and it’s worth it to extend that life a lot longer.

There are a lot of components, experts, thoughts, and testing that go into discovering and creating both the perfect spray-on liner and the application method, but there are a few ways to try it.

Many companies use spray-on solvents. The problem with this formula is that it’s weaker, takes longer to dry, and releases harmful pollutants. Anything you can do to prevent that is going to be better!

Line-X’s Formula

Constantly on the hunt for the best formula from the Research & Development team, Line-X created a product that is never a solvent. This might not sound important, but it’s extremely important for avoiding contaminants.

Instead, Line-X is made with solids that are heated right within the equipment. Because of that, it’s better than anything you can do at home—unfortunately, while DIY products are popular, they tend to have to be reapplied after a short time rather than lasting the life of a truck.

This way, both starting with solids, heating, and then mixing and spraying under high pressure right in the tip of the tool, the spray-on liner is dependable and doesn’t release air pollutants.

Both Prep and Formula

It helps that any liner—spray-on or not—will make your truck look much better, but it’s important to test for durability, too. You can find this out by learning what they’re made of and the testing that’s been done.

Mastering how to prepare your truck bed for the spray and how to absolutely get the perfect adhesion and a long lasting finish will mean more reliability overall. Ultimately, whatever liner you want should last close to—if not the entire—life of your truck, and come with a warranty.

Spray-on liners are water tight and rugged, and while they are fantastic for your truck, the idea is too useful to only be applied to pick-up trucks. In fact, the versatility of a spray-on liner extends to a lot of other industries and purposes.

Think about just in your home, job, and the places you go every day. Can you think of anything you have that maybe has a liner you never noticed or a piece of equipment that could use a liner?

The Ways Liners Are Used

Many professionals in all fields have used spray-on liners for a myriad of things. Here are just a few:

  • Marine Use. Spray-on liners have two things that make them great for use in water: a water tight seal and a non-slip surface. By lining decks, boat ramps, and even cargo holds, you can make the whole experience safer for you and your boat.
  • Containers. Anytime you have an industrial container, you need it to be air tight—you don’t want water getting into whatever you’re trying to keep safe! Agriculture and industrial professionals especially take advantage of this for silos, feed containers, and storage tanks.
  • Assorted. It’s more than just industry, though—there are a lot of ways to use liners. It might surprise you to learn that spray-on liners have been used in walk-in freezers to prevent slipping and even on work benches to provide durability!

Your truck benefits from spray-on liners, but so do other pieces of equipment all around you! Take a look next time you’re out and about—how many liners do you notice when you look closely?

If your father has a pick-up truck with an old, worn out bed liner—or no liner at all—a brand new spray-on bed liner might be the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. The right product means it dries in just a few minutes after application, making it a great, easy gift.

Your dad might expect a tie or tool this year again, but surprise him with a new truck bed liner!

The Benefits of a Liner

You might wonder why it’s necessary to have a bed liner at all, but there are many, many reasons. For one, most trucks these days have some kind of liner, and it’s often expected. This means that not having one decreases the value of the vehicle, and you don’t want that.

But that’s not all—it also extends the value of your truck by extending its life. Your dad will be able to throw in branches, boxes, furniture, and pipes without worrying about scratching his finish or dinging his truck.

Even better, it keeps rust away, meaning the truck not only looks better, it also will last a lot longer than it would if rust got to it.

How to Present it To Your Father

Since a bed liner isn’t exactly something you can wrap, you’ll have to get creative with how you give it to him. There are two ways: first, you can surprise him with a certificate for the service.

On the other hand, because it dries so quickly and is relatively easily applied, you can have it done with a little bit of sneaking around and get it back to him in time for Father’s Day!


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