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LINE-X Leads the Industry in Spray-On Vehicle Bed Lining and Protection

What does it take to be the industry leader? It takes vehicle experts, research and development, the most cutting edge technology, and most importantly, a dedication to being the best.

Columbus Ohio LINE-X

LINE-X combines all of these things with a specially designed formula and unique application equipment to make the best spray-on protection—“lab tested, real world approved.”

By making a great product and providing expert service, we have set ourselves apart as the industry standard. When you want the best, start with the original.

What Does LINE-X Do?

While you are probably most familiar with LINE-X in Columbus as a leading provider of spray-on bed liners—if you want dependability, reliability, and ruggedness, LINE-X is the best for any truck—but that’s only the beginning:

  • You can use your new LINE-X truck lining immediately. It dries within 5 seconds of application and can even be used for heavy duty use within 24 hours.
  • You will keep every bit of space you already have. The spray-on technique means you don’t lose any inches of hauling space like with traditional liners.
  • There’s no concern about contamination. The formula we use starts as solids before being heated and mixed in the tip of the application tool itself. No solvents, no pollution, no poison.
  • It resists acids and solvents. Unlike many lesser-developed truck liners, LINE-X is created to be resistant to acids, solvents, and even flame.
  • Spray-on liners of this grade are versatile and used for a variety of purposes. LINE-X has proven itself to industrial, commercial, agricultural, marine, and military professionals for many different applications.

Your vehicle can be almost instantly stronger and even look more polished. Want the best-looking truck that can take the heat you dish out? That’s what you get with LINE-X.

Does LINE-X Have a Good Reputation?

LINE-X has been recognized and featured by a huge number of both industry and business publications, as well as a variety of more general media, including:

  • Motor Trend
  • Sport Truck
  • Street Trucks
  • Trucking
  • Entrepreneur
  • 60 Minutes
  • Popular Mechanics

To be recognized by this many established, trusted people in the industry is an honor and a tribute to the work we have put in. It is proof that LINE-X provides more than just an option for spray-on protection—we provide the best.



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